RetroArch Oculus Go Edition!

NEW - OculusGO & AndroidTV; RAGE theme (Streets of Rage inspired)

ARCADE MODE (RetroarchAir)

Sonic BOOM theme

Mortal Kombat II

Marvel vs Capcom




OculusTV Mode(RetroarchTV)

Sony Trinitron Theme

Revised RetroarchTV Home Theater

Here is a customized version of RetroArch; compiled from source equipped with a number of awesome themes(Bezels/borders) made especially for the Oculus Go, Oculus Quest and Android TV.

Oculus ver gives you an “Arcade like experience” in 1 of 15 Oculus Home environments using RetroArchAir.apk +1 Living room like experience with the OculusTV.apk while the AndroidTV version converts your home TV into a 4:3 aspect ratio Sony Trinitron TV (2 themes)

Why this mod?

  • Makes RetroArch use on the Go much more enjoyable and so much more awesome! Gives you the arcade feel you can’t get anywhere else while on the Go!

Please use included cores before reporting non functionality

  • Core settings and optimizations for Go are baked in.

  • Little to no setup; popular compatible cores that perform well on Go are already included!

  • A stylish default RetroArch theme!!

  • Awesome Arcade Bezels/themes; 3 Arcade Mode themes for OculusHome Edit: or phonecast? and 1 Home Theater theme for Oculus TV only all available at;

Settings > Onscreen Display > Onscreen Overlay > Overlay Preset >

  • Compatible Go cores are baked in, no more searching;

NES, Colecovison, GBA, SNES, SEGA/CD/32X, TurboGarfix-16, NeoGeo, Mame, PSX, N64

3do - Require adb shell command for full speed. Use:

adb shell “setprop debug.oculus.cpuLevel 4 && setprop debug.oculus.gpuLevel 4”

Update July 23

  • Added “Rage” theme (Streets of Rage inspired theme) for Android TV , Phone and Tablet.

Update July 22

  • Renamed S8 and Xperia builds to Mobile A & Mobile B; see updated additional notes/install notes section for more info.

Update July 21-Disabled "Portrait mode"

  • Disabled Portrait mode; improves the user experience for RetroArchGo on mobile devices; before RetroArchGo would crash if rotated accidentally to portrait mode and may even break theme accuracy. Now seamlessly rotates between Landscape’s!

  • Bug fix S8+ ; theme dimensions corrected.

Update July 18-Android TV Bug Fix

  • Fixed overlay not enabling on Android TV

  • Released a S8+ build

  • Released a Xperia Table build

Update July 8-Just Android TV fixes and new theme…

  • Ported Sonic_BOOM theme from RetroArchGO to Android TV builds

  • Bug Fix; fixed aspect ratio sometimes not setting correctly for Android TV Builds

  • Re-adjusted aspect ratio for Android TV Builds so that it is true 4:3 aspect ratio

  • Re-adjusted themes for Android TV builds (looks more polished)

  • Removed LR Mupen64 core for AndroidTV Builds (don’t think its req and complicates Arc Browser use)

Update July 1

  • Improved themes with wood backdrop (again)

  • Changed default theme to “Sonic BOOM”

  • Added as a separate download; RetroArchTV… features one theme for now; Sony Trinitron Overlay (by exodus) Glare or Dirty and I have re-adjusted options for optimal performance for Android TV boxes.

Update June 27

  • Improved look of themes featuring wood backdrops

Update June 26

  • Sonic_BOOM theme added for RetroarchAir mode (based on Orionsangel Sonic Mania theme)

  • set Picodrive shader to Geom_Flat (looks best for SEGA in RetroarchAir mode but you should disable in RetroarchTV mode or select a “smoothOperator” shader for your in RetroarchTV mode)

Update June 24

  • Changed default theme for use with RetroarchAir to Sony_HD_Blue_Accent

  • Disabled Corner effect for crtGeom where it makes sense based on display used, still enabled for Arcade

Update June 21

  • Improved 3D Effect of default overlay, added two new color options

Update June 20

  • Added new default theme for use with RetroarchAir; Sony_HD_Red_Accent

Update June 19

  • Implemented True 4:3 Aspect Ratio in RetroarchAir and RetroarchTV. It was close before but it was still missing the mark and speedometers looked a bit squashed… :frowning: Now it’s true 4:3 !! :slight_smile:

  • All themes updated to work with new corrected aspect ratio.

  • Tidy up all themes, more attention to the finer details…

  • Dropped Metroid theme for now.

Update June 18

  • Ported over Sony Trinitron Overlay (by exodus) for OculusTV mode.

  • Adjusted QuickNES core setting to close gap on left side of the screen

  • Updated GenesisPlusGX Core most recent commit

  • other stuff

Update June 17

  • Change setting "Reduce Slowdown (Hack,Unsafe) from “Compatible” to “Disabled” (Can’t play Metroid if it isn’t disabled, lol)

Update June 16

  • Brought back notifications support; re-sized sensibly for Go/Quest

Update June 15

  • Added DOSBox core

  • Changed NES core from Nestopia to QuickNES (eliminates performance impact when using a shader)

Update June 14

  • Updated some default setting for SNES core;
  1. Changed default shader to hq2x.glslp

  2. Change setting "Reduce Slowdown (Hack,Unsafe) from “Max” to “Compatible” ; some games don’t work with “Max”

Update June 13

  • mGBA performs much better than vbanext on the Go, so out with the old, in…

Update June 12-B

  • Added Game Boy core (Gambatte) and enabled Color and set 15% darkness by default (too bright…)

  • PicoDrive, SNES defaults to SmoothOperator “2xbr.glslp” shader

  • NES, PCE, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance defaults to SmoothOperator “hq2x.glslp” shader

Update June 12

  • Snes9x 2010 core defaults; SuperFX “Overclock100Mhz” & Reduce Slowdown “max”

  • Added back 2 new “SmoothOperator” shaders “2xBR-lv1-multipass.glslp” & “hq2x.glslp”

  • PicoDrive, SNES, NES and PCE now defaults to SmoothOperator “2xbr.glslp” shader; improves picture quality when using these cores with OculusTV

Update June 11

  • Bug Fix!!! Introduced a few builds ago resulting in OculusTV mode having unpredictable resolution set; resolution would often not set correctly and may even increase automatically.

  • New Metroid Theme for OculusTV mode added.

  • UI improvements

Update June 6

  • MK II RetroArchAir Bezel added!!**

Update June 6

  • No new themes yet (I am working on them now…)

  • Removed browse archive

  • Brought back appearance settings

  • Disabled “Select core” (can re-enable in appearance settings.

  • New font

  • more… EDIT: Disabled notifications

Update June 4 2019 A B C

  • OculusTV Skins are have been resized for 4:3 Aspect ratio

  • Renamed integer Scale to TV/Air Toggle

  • Only one option now listed in video settings; “TV/Air Toggle” Simply toggle on for “OculusTV” and off for RetroArchAir use (you still need to separately load the appropriate skin as well)

  • note: vsync and threaded video still remain disabled even though options are not visible

  • More stuff… Oh right, brought back save on exit, toggle not visible though

  • More stuff to come, stay tuned!!

Update June 2 2019

  • GUI edits; removing and moving items around in an effort to make it less clutter, more Ubuntu like, less Arch like.

Update June 1 2019

  • Disabled “Threaded Video” for a slight performance increase.

Update May 31 2019

  • All included cores now default to enabled “CRT Geom” but I’ve edited values to my personal preference for a few cores like N64 and PSX and a couple others. Things are looking really pretty now!!!

  • N64 emulations seems really improved now with the recent git pull and changes made to this build so I recommend, start with HR Mupen first and if you still need more performance, than try LR Mupen (His Res & Low Res)

  • Removed all but 3 shaders; dumped the incompatible and left the recommended, reduced the size of apk.

Update May 30 2019 - For N64 fans, two cores …

  • Compiled from source with Neon; both cores seem to perform much better on the GO than before!

  • "Nintendo - Nintendo 64 (Mupen 64 Plus) "; Framebuffer Emulation defaults to False (slight performance increase) but overall, the updated core seems to perform much better than before on the Go.

  • New “GO Nintendo - Nintendo 64 (Mupen 64 Plus) GO” core (Edit, going to rename this to LR Nintendo… in an upcoming build); Framebuffer Emulation defaults to off as well and resolution is lowered to 240x180 for a further performance increase if needed.

Update May 26 2019

  • X-Arcade.cfg added; X-Arcade via Bluetooth works with following hardware:

  • Disabled the config/TAB/R2 menu that always pops up disrupting game-play on Mame2003 core

  • Disable VSync by default

  • Vibration support set to on by default

  • Enabled Map Left Analog to digital by default

  • I forget… Edit; Set “Sustained Performance Mode” to ON by default (released with android N to help prevent throttling)

Update May 26 2019

  • Updated default themes

  • Disabled “Save on Exit” ; helps with swapping back and forth between Air and TV mode and I’m not convinced “Save on exit” is needed because this is being used with the same display… let me know otherwise

Update May 25 2019

No new arcade bezels yet but, for you SEGA fans…

  • - Unchanged

  • - Now defaults to 6-Button Config and is still compatible with 3 button games without having to change in options but does not play nice at all with Mortal Kombat, so…

  • - Defaults to 6-Button Config as well, but, buttons “B” and “Y” have been remapped to “L1” and "R1"making Mortal Kombat play possible on modern day controllers such as the 8BITDO!

And just an FYI, some games such as MK; you need to go into options and enable 6-button gamepad

Update May 21 2019-B!?

Tweaked NES core defaults to display properly on Go.

Update May 21 2019-Tidy up!

  • Did a lot of tidy up! Themes, etc

  • Changed default theme to a dirty screen (cause when we were kids it was always DIRTY! : P

  • Added more cores.

  • Updated all cores (Neon where available.)

  • Readjusted default screen position.

Looks more polished than before.

Update May 19 2019-Rev B

Well after many releases (sorry about that…) and tiring nights… I’ve finally got a build out that looks like it was designed in the spirit of the Oculus Go; just put on the Go and jump into an Arcade!! You all should upgrade to this build as by comparison, previous release would be considered alpha builds.

How To/Included in the download:

  • Oculus ver only; rom’s location is fixed to Roms (1 directory up, out of /storage/retroarch) you’ll need to create the directory Roms.

  • If coming from a previous RetroArch version/release, prior to installation, please delete retroarch.cfg located at

  • Unlike previous versions, this is now a no setup required for Arcade themes with RetroArchAir.cfg

  • (Oculus ver only) Install RetroarchGoEdition.apk

  • (Oculus ver only) Install RetroarchTV.apk and RetroarchAir.apk; these are simply ‘forwarders’ used to launch RetroarchGoEdition.apk direct from unknown sources into either OculusTV or Oculus Home (RetroarchAir.apk for Arcade themes)

No need to uninstall Retroarchair.apk and RetroArchTV.apk on upgrades, they will remain unchanged and previous versions of RetropArch can be uninstalled with;

adb uninstall com.retroarch

To change change themes;

Settings > Onscreen Display > Onscreen Overlay > Overlay Preset > OculusGoRetroarchTV.cfg

(Oculus ver only) Settings > TV/Air Toggle > “On”

  • (Oculus ver only) Only one option listed in video settings; “TV/Air Toggle” Simply toggle on for “OculusTV” and off for RetroArchAir use (you still need to separately load the appropriate skin as well)

Credits to/Special thanks to;

RetroArch, Gyro Joe, OculusGoDude, Hunterk for making the Home Theater theme and UDb23 for Marvel vs Capcom assets and Orionsangel for Realistic Arcade assets (love them, may port more of his in the future, see his channel below)

Additional Mobile ver. notes;

  1. RetroArchGo_Mobile_A has been tested on an S8+ and S7 Edge and (hopefully) works on other phones as well

  2. RetroArchGo_Mobile_B has been tested on a Xperia Tablet; for this version, it was necessary to disable “hide navigation controls” to get the theming to fit right with this tablets dimensions. All should try RetroArchGo_Mobile_A first and if things don’t look right, then try RetroArchGo_Mobile_B.

Additional Oculus ver. notes;

  1. Sometimes its necessary to reboot yourGo if switching between RetroarchAir and RetroarchTV if you experience crashing… This is caused by not exiting RetroArch with the built-in “exit” . Its recommend to quit RetroArch by selecting the quit/exit button from RetroArch menu before switching to avoid this issue.

  2. If you notice your screen is very narrow in RetroarchAir mode; this is caused by having visited the Oculus WiFi settings menu and can be fixed with a reboot as well.

  3. If you experience slowdown in RetroarchTV mode, this can be fixed by a reboot as well and launching direct into OculusTV mode. Seems OculusTV is more demanding on resources and if background process are running, you may experience audio stutter in some games but again, this can be fixed with a reboot. RetroarchAir does bot have this issue due to being less demanding on resources it would seem.

  4. OculusTV intermittently may start tinted darker than usually. If this happens, exit app with built-in “exit” menu option and try again.

  5. If you start RetroarchTV and it takes you to a black screen, you can either reboot of “force stop” the app but you’ll need to access the hidden setting menu with a 3rd party app. I’ll post a suggestion for one later.

  6. Bios for emulators if required and rom’s are obviously not included.

  7. EDIT: If using the Go; PicoDrive will perform better for Sega/CD/32X. Genesis Plus GX can have performance issues on some games… UPDATE: On Android TV however, Genesis Plus GX appears to be much faster!?

  8. To exit from in game; L1+R1+Select+Start

RetroArchGo July 25 2019 Download - Rage Theme added for Oculus Edition;

ArcBrowser builds; re-maps the in-game sub-menu “close content” functions to “quit” better facilitating a smoother transition back to ARC Browser.

Also available over at the Libretro Forums;

To compile from Source;

Fetch RetroArch source;

Overwrite source files with;

And follow Libretro docs/guide compile instructions.


Nice any chance for a Quest version?

I dont have a Quest to test. Give it a go and let me know.

Alas it doesn’t work great on the quest. Same as the ordinary Retroarch apk, it only gets a little bit of input from the controllers. Would be extremely grateful for an update!