SNES Mini Borders Slang Shader

I made a slang shader that mimics some of the effects/borders available on the SNES Mini (in your video settings, aspect ratio needs to be 16:9, integer scale OFF): You can cycle through the borders using the ‘Background’ runtime parameter. The first 2 use the average color of the screen to make the glow effect match the game. You can also toggle scanlines (on by default; I used a non-integer scale-friendly scanline algo) and do some other image/aspect tweaking, if necessary.

Here’s what it looks like at 1080p non-integer with the default, ambient-glow border:

and here it is with the ‘speakers’ border (bsnes core, crop overscan OFF, TOP/BOTTOM overscan masking to 0.03 each): I’m not planning to add this one to the official shader repo, since those are Nintendo’s border images, but I thought I’d share it anyway in case someone enjoys it.


I’m assuming that these would never in a million years work on the Pi, am I right?

Yeah, it’s all mashed together and certainly much too heavy for a RPi. The overlay strategy is more appropriate there (I used the images from your repo, btw; thanks for that!)

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You are welcome.

If you want to add the rest of my overlays, (the non-Nintendo ones) to the offical repository, feel free!

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Nice shader thank you. I think you could put a type of the ambient-glow border into the repo?

“You can cycle through the borders using the ‘Background’ runtime parameter.”

What does this mean?

Also, and it might just be me, but I’m not seeing the images in the post.

Load the shader, go to the ‘preview parameters’ submenu and the second option from the top should be “Background.” As you increment this number, the background will change.

EDIT: I just pushed a standalone ambient-glow border to the slang repo. It looks a little different from the one in this pack because this one used a Nintendo background even for that effect to get the glow pattern identical to the SNES Mini’s.

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Oh geez, now I feel stupid. I thought I was looking for some special controls or something XD I know what the parameters are haha. I’ll just go sit in the corner with my dunce-cap and think about what I’ve done lol

Sorry for the bump on an old post, but does this shader still work? I keep getting the “failed to apply shader preset” error.

Hmm, it should. It’s possible it depends on some other shaders that have moved or something. If you can post a log (, it should include the shader compiler error, which could give us an indication of what’s causing the problem.

I was able to find the issue.

[ERROR] [Vulkan]: Failed to load LUT “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RetroArch\shaders\shaders_slang\mini-border-shader\borders\03_crystal.png”.

“03_crystal.png” was named to “03_crystal_old.png” so it couldn’t find it. I just renamed it and it worked fine.

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