N64 Cores not loading

I recently had retroarch running but with lots of crashes and non response lags. I reinstalled and now it runs much better and cores that didnt previously work now do such as mame. But my N64 cores have a pebkac error in them and wont load. when I load an N64 through parallel or mupen it loads a black screen then immediately crashes retroarch. I have been lurking a little bit trying to solve it myself but to no avail. I have noticed the first question is often for logs so ive enabled verbose logging so I may provide those if requested. Not sure why N64 no longer works when previously it was one of the only ones that would work, and now all cores work except these ones.

Bonus: My saturn dumps all work fine, but for some reason the diehard trilogy does not. its one of maybe 7 games in the list and the only one that wont play. It loads to the sega screen then stays there.