N64 Menu Button Mapping

Is there a way to access the LAKKA menu while using an N64 controller the options given do not work for N64 controllers

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You can go to settings > input > menu toggle gamepad combo and pick one. Remember, those options are based on the retropad button labels, not the physical controller’s button labels (that is, just because the N64 pad doesn’t have a physical Y button doesn’t mean you can’t use a combo that includes retropad-Y)

i think,none of the default combos will work for N64 Controller because the actual button-layout (same goes for most controllers without a select button)

more quickmenu Options/combos would be great for that

here an example for a possible combo for controller without “select/back”-button (like controllers for N64, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Saturn, Mega Drive):

new Retropad hotkey-combo can be: Start + R + L (+ A) or Start + A + B (+ C)


for extra-safety against accidentally inputs, setting that up with a small “delay” (must be hold for at least 2 or 3 seconds or such things)

especialy for the upcoming “bliss-box 4-play adapter” support, this can helps a lot to making all the provided original-controllers "fully RA compatible" :slight_smile:

From what I understand the follow two configurations are avalaible. None have a select button but se Nupen64plus configuration has a Y button so the Down + L1 + R1 + Y combo would work? How does this affect the in game button configs? Not at home to test it right now

Retroarch configuration


It would be dpad-down, Z, B, R

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great thanks! this is default mapping in the core? how does this affect game play? is it mapped like the n64 was?

Yes, that’s with the default mapping. It doesn’t affect gameplay unless you try to press all of those buttons at once in a game, though I can’t think of any game where you would need to do such a thing.

There are a few games where the default mapping gets shuffled around to work better with non-N64 gamepads (e.g., xbox/ps3 pads, etc), and that can make it very weird for people using original N64 pads. However, the ParaLLEl-N64 core includes a core option called “independent c-buttons” or something like that, which stops that behavior and allows you to use the core input remapping (‘controls’ submenu from the quick menu) to move the N64 buttons around on the controller however you please. Many people who use native N64 pads enable this option.

awesome! good to know! @hunterk

I’m having a issue playing n64 games with my mayflash adaptwr. I have to use port two to play as player 1 and the mapping is way off from default. When I try to remap it can’t detect the analog stick

I figured out the mapping. Got everything how it should. However using the mayflash adapter with my n64 controller the joystick doesn’t seem to register. I lowered the dead zone from .5 to .25 but still only walking when full tilt. Is there a setting I can change to make link run like he’s supposed to?

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this analog stick issue is very well known for a long time. but i have still hopes somebody will fix it anyway :slight_smile:

for now i stick with xbox360 pad for N64 and wait for the upcoming Bliss-Box Support.

here are some other threads about the “mayflash issue” :frowning:

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