NDS emulator on the Xbox One: where's the stylus?

I’m using Libretro on the Xbox One. I want to play an Nintendo DS game and it loads just fine. However the game requires me to input something via the stylus. But no matter what I try I can’t use a stylus. I do not see the little cross on screen to indicate where the stylus is. Pressing the right trigger doesn’t help. Attaching a mouse to the Xbox One doesn’t help either.

What am I doing wrong? Or doesn’t Libretro on the Xbox One support the stylus for the NDS?

Did you look in the core options for the stylus emulation mode (I forget what the actual option is called offhand). There should be options for either of the analog sticks, as well as touchscreen/pointer.

Thanks for your reply. I don’t know how to access the Core’s options. On my Raspberry Pi I do that by pressing “Select + X” on my controller. On the Xbox One version of Libretro that doesn’t work.

Got it. Connect keyboard to Xbox. Then press F1. Set “Pointer Mode” to “Absolute” for one of the sticks. Then use Right Trigger as a press of the stylus.

If you don’t have any way to get back into the menu, you might also check out settings > input and set up a menu toggle combo from the hardcoded choices.