Need help getting Votrax SC-01 for Wizard of Wor working

I need help with trying to get the voices to work in the Arcade game Wizard of Wor.

I have the game, and I have the Votrax SC-01 file as well. But when I try it, it voice still isn’t working, so I’m wondering if I’m missing a step or if there’s something I’m missing. But I can’t find any answers on the internet on how to get it to work.

I have the Game, Votrax SC-01 File, and I’m running RetroArch on Windows 10 and using MAME 2010 to play the game.

Could anyone help me try and solve this? I would greatly appreciate the help!

have you tried it with mame-current?

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Everytime I try to use Mame-current, it crashes RetroArch. I don’t know why… It just shuts down.

I don’t use MAME 2010, but Hunter is right, the Q-Bert style speech is there in MAME current. You just load up the current rom… I think it used to have a samples file, but doesn’t need it now.

edit If you mean MAME current crashes with just that game? You probably have an outdated rom.

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It crashes with Any ROM I open with Mame Current.

If it just kind of fizzles out when you launch it, it’s usually due to not having the right roms for that version of the core/MAME, in my experience. I’m not a troubleshooting guru, but one of the guys that know what they are doing, like Hunter, will probably want you to post a crash log… but you can definitely run all games in MAME current… I use it almost daily.

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I recently tried to reinstall MAME Current and it seemed to have update. However, when I try to load WOW with it, it Fails to load the content. Am I doing something wrong? Because I never figured out how to make Arcade Roms run correctly. Because If I try to Unzip them, Retroarch won’t even see them, but if I keep them Zipped, it will detect. However, Mame Current just won’t load the game at all. What am I missing?

Again, I would say it’s an old or bad rom. MAME has to have the exact right rom for that version of MAME. So, a rom that runs in the antique MAME 2010 often will not run in MAME current. You just have to have a romset for MAME .2xx (whatever version you are running). Yes, always keep them zipped.

I see that when I get MAME Current to run without selecting a game, it opens the Core still on a Mame menu, though it cannot find any of my games. When I choose to folder where my ROMs are in MAME, it finds them, and while some of them work (Except WoW because for some reason it still won’t detect Votrax SC-01) But when I restart the Core, it forgets the directory of where my games are.

I use a frontend, but yeah, if you are using RA to browse to the roms, it forgets the path each time. You can make “favorites” folders I think.

That game in MAME 2010 has no sound support.

It is supported in 2015 onwards and also 2003plus. At first with samples and more recently with the device.

Are you loading

Ideally for arcade games, is to create a playlist with .dat files, as shown here.


In addition to the excellent answers here already, I would like to recommend you give a read to our “getting started with arcade emulation” doc, which explains a lot of the idiosyncrasies related to arcade emulation:


I’ve been trying to study this page all day, but I don’t understand anything it wants me to do! I don’t have a Hash folder in ‘MyPath’/Retroarch/system/mame/ and it only shows my What MAME is about, but it doesn’t show me HOW to use MAME on Retroarch. There’s no step by step tutorial on how to get it working, or anything that I can use to follow. I’m not a Emulating techy. I just want to Load and play the game.

And it doesn’t show me how to get Votrax CS-01 to read so I can play Wizard of Wor! The Page doesn’t help with what I need help with.

Some games work, like SEGASonic The Hedgehog and Donkey Kong, but the others won’t work if I load them through Load Content with no details on why. But still Wizard of Wor won’t work.

Did you get an up to date rom set like I was talking about, above? You are gonna have to do that.

How do I know if its up to date or not?

I usually use fbneo for arcade games but in very few cases (bosconian! :sob:) where the game is not present I use mame2003+. Anyway wizard of wor is one of those games so I have it for mame 2003 in retroarch, to have the voice working you will need the sample file (also called in retroarch main folder/system/mame2003-plus/samples.

So you need to find somewhere, somehow a MAME 2003-Plus Reference: Full Non-Merged Romsets and get the rom ( and the sample ( then simply launch it with mame 2003 core in retroarch.

This is the really old way to run things. Like I was saying, above, the samples for that were done away with almost a decade ago. If it still works, that’s great and that’s one way you can do it…

To answer ChrisKit, if you don’t know what set you have, you can get a tool to analyze it (I think CLRMAME pro does that), but that would be a big waste of time… the easiest way is to just download the most recent set, delete your old ones (if you don’t know how old they are, they are probably really old) and that’s it. New set fully working in MAME current. Before you ask where to get a current romset, they don’t want us to talk about that here because of copyright, etc… just go to google and type “MAME current romset”. It will open up the path before you and you will find new roads to walk upon.

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If the terms are not new to you, I understand your confusion. But the links explain everything. It is a documentation, not a step by step.
You can also search the forum, this has been answered several times.

Don’t complicate your life with hashes, nor additional configurations, what you need is for the game to work.

In short…

Use current MAME, or MAME 2003 plus.

You need the specific romset for the core you are going to use.

Don’t ask “where do I download it from?”, we don’t provide that information on this site.

How to know which one you have… You need a rom manager, this is very complicated, even for veterans, it is better to search the internet for an updated one.

When you have, you simply open the with the core. That’s it.
Note that alone does not work. Current MAME needs the device and mame 2003 plus needs the sample.

Additionally, if you want to have an organized list, with correct names, the link I posted earlier explains how.

Where does it say that? the samples are still used in the current set, maybe not all of them have been ported? but, it’s still interesting to have the options, for sample it sounds much more real than for devide.

Yes, he was talking about the Wizard of Wor samples earlier, so that’s what I meant. Those have been gone for a while. Sorry if I made that confusing.