Need shaders for CRT monitor?

My system is running on a CRT monitor. Do i need shaders for that? The image seems very blocky, if i google SNES on youtube, it looks much better than what I’m running. FYI i simply installed retroarch, selected my cores and im playing…nothing outside of that just yet. Also not knowing a ton about the shaders, is it suggested to have a diff one for each system??

A high-res CRT monitor (like those used with PCs) will indeed look very blocky if you run them at high res. The options are: run it at high res with a CRT shader and just turn off the mask effect (this works well and is easy; crt-guest-dr-venom looks very good at 1200p if your monitor is capable of that), run the monitor at 480p (you usually want to make a custom ultra-wide resolution like 2560x480) and use the tvout-tweaks and interlacing shader preset (this is relatively easy to do and looks very similar to “true” 240p), or run it at 240p with the refresh rate at 120 Hz (this is a bit of a hassle and requires making custom modelines).

I recommend trying the first 2 before trying the third. There’s another thread with the same situation here:


This is retroarch in 240p on a crt. Without any shader. (Camera wont do it justice)

But like hunter said, it might be tricky to get it to work. Shaders are also good on crts. But I dont know, if you have a crt, why not use full potential and run it in as low res as possible? Heres a good guide for 240 on a vga.

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