Neo Geo AES Bios Question

I know for the AES I can use Uni-Bios 4.0 for example but for some reason it acts up with certain Neo Geo games when it is in console mode. I see there is is a option for Japan AES, and Asia AES, but I see none for Europe AES and USA AES.

Someone will say that you have Uni-Bios to cover you there but it then you get bugs when running some games on console versioins.

Is there one for the USA and Europe Region?

Game: SVC Chaos / Core - FBNeo / Platform: RPI4

Uni-Bios 4.0, Console Mode visual bug

Afaik only 2 models of neogeo AES were ever released : the japan model, and the asia+europe model, that’s why only those 2 AES bioses exist.

Never saw a bug like this one, maybe start by mentioning the games and core you are using if you want help, note that unibios is known for having bugs though…

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