NeoGeo AES vs MVS vs CD

The NeoGeo rom packs seem to be abundant and easy to find online but I have a question about these 3 formats. were they different consoles? when I scan the directory it will throw most of them into a mame directory and it mixes them with other cabinet games.

my goal is to get the NEOGEO thumbnail of the console for a directory, ideally it would have 3 thumbnails for 3 consoles. how do I know which rom goes where? I remember their being a NeoGeo standup cabinet in the arcade, are the ROMS I am downloading the same rom from the cabinet as well as the home console?

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MVS => arcade cabinet

AES => cartridge home console, direct port from cabinet (same rom, just a different bios), difficulty is set by default on easy, some games aren’t compatible (generally homebrews or prototypes).

CD => cd home console, downgraded graphics, upgraded music, loading times, 1 exclusive (samsho rpg)

Do CD games have upgraded music though? Isn’t it just the same audio recorded as CD music?

I think some of them really have reorchestrated music, not a good enough selling point for me though.

So all 3 are the same games??? Just repackaged?

Almost, i gave you the differences.

So is there a way to build a neogeo list next to the rest of the lists in retroarch? I want the neogeo thumbnail, the same way way I have SNES and NES. I want to separate these from MAME

Only some CD games are “downgraded” and that’s the fighting games with really big rom sizes due to gigantic sprites and animation frames. Many smaller games are identical to their arcade versions like Blue’s Journey, Cyber Lip, Top Hunter, Spin Master, the shmups like Pulstar (now with an amazing re-arranged ost) and Last Resort, early fighting games like Fatal Fury/Samurai Shodown, the simple puzzle games etc etc. Also there are a few more exclusives like Crossed Swords 2 and Iron Clad.

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No, they are available on MVS.

CD Games have some Added Content to the Game.

Like Neo Turf Masters have few extra ways of Playing the Game and Super Sidekick 3 has Exhibition Game Added

Both those games are Great to Play

Think they where UnOffical Releases on MVS