NES best core


I’m new to retroarch and want to play the NES game kirby’s adventure

My questions

  • what is the best NES core? I found 4 fceumm mesen nestopia quicknes

  • how to save the game so I can resume it later?

Retroarch girl

As is typically the case with RetroArch/libretro, there’s no single best choice for all use-cases. However, if you go to the online updater’s core downloader and press retropad-select while hovering over a core, it’ll pop up a description that explains the differences among them so you can make an informed decison.

If the game supports saving, use the in-game save routine and it should show up the next time you load the game. If it doesn’t have in-game saves, you’ll need to use savestates and then load the state next time.


I now tried fceumm and wanted to test cheats

I tried both europe and usa rev A version of the game and loaded the corresponding cheat file + enabled cheat infinite health. But it doesn’t work in the game. I still die :frowning: Can you tell me what I do wrongg please?

I just used fceumm with kirby’s adventure (no rev) USA, loaded the cheat file, picked the infinite energy cheat and set it to ON, then applied changes and it worked straightaway.

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Nestopia - I’ve been using it for years. First the standalone version, now retroarch. Great emulator. It works smoothly and very high compatibility. The only problem I’ve noticed is in games that use lightguns. Moving the crosshair behind the screen causes it to appear in the center or in the upper left corner of the screen. It works similarly with other emulators as far as I remember, so it’s rather a minor problem with retroarch.

Mesen. Clearly the best option nowadays


I personally prefer Mesen as it’s one of the most accurate and has all the features I need.