NES TV Overlay Scanlines look unsettling

I just found an overlay that makes the screen look like how I remembered it when playing them off my parents Zenith CRT TV from way back in the 1990s and 2000s. Yet I have a main issue. Right where the scanlines give off a darker tone is what makes this look a tad distracting.

Is there someone who can make the darker portions of the scanlines look like the normal areas?

This one is the overlay I am using…

And this is the camera shot of how it looks…

I like the scanlines, but the darker portions make it look as if the game seem messy, and this is running off of an NES Classic Mini. Anyone willing to remake it to where the brighter areas replace the darker areas, then I am all for it.

Here is a better view of it up close to the TV…

Much appreciation to anyone who can do it up.

I believe your issue is that the scanlines are meant for a 1080p display and the NES Classic outputs 720p, so they’re getting scaled down, which always looks bad. You’ll have to find a scanline overlay that’s intended for 720p resolution.

I just did. Same thing. Dark scanlines that look like old school prison stripes. My guess, they resized the image.

If you’re using integer scaling, you should be able to use scanline-fract or scanline-sine-abs or even just plain ol’ scanline shaders from the ‘misc’ directory. Even the NES Classic’s GPU should be able to handle them, and they should look just like those overlay scanlines.

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I haven’t turned the shaders on and the scanlines were made into the PNG of the NES overlay

yeah, I was just suggesting some shaders that would provide the same scanlines without the unevenness. If you want to get rid of the scanlines on the overlay, you’re going to need to erase them in photoshop/gimp/whatever.

Sorry for the late reply. But I finally found a better solution when all else failed. I just doubled down and got an HDMI to AV adaptor and an AV to RF converter. And presto, the throwback factor went sky high.

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