Netplay issues with Mame2003+ core

My friend and I can play netplay with FBNeo core and most of the games it supports. The limitations are games requiring dual stick and using using 2 arcade sticks for input. I really wanted to play Smash TV/Total Carnage by netplay so I thought Mame 2003+ core might be the answer. It wasn’t… The game ran extremely slow and controls did not work at all for player 2. Then we tried armor attack, my jeep becomes a huge jumbled mess of vector lines and player 2 doesn’t even appear.

Maybe the Mame 2003+ drivers don’t support netplay with these games? It’s too bad FBNeo doesn’t seem to support Armor Attack.

No way to netplay arcade smash tv and total carnage with dual arcade sticks? From what I have read, this isn’t possible…

No way to netplay armor attack? I have not found anything on this.


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MAME might be too heavy for decent rollback netplay and it might also not run well with savestates. Try running it with run-ahead enabled and see how it performs.

All the major services that I am aware (Fightcade, RedGGPO, etc) use either FinalBurn Neo or FinalBurn Alpha.

I think your best bet would be to report those game incompatibilities to the FBNeo devs.

You need very solid savestate support for netplay/runahead/rewind support, mame doesn’t have that.

As for the possibility to split 1 player’s controls onto several controllers, RetroArch implemented that feature a few months ago, see announcement at

Armor Attack is indeed not supported yet by FBNeo.

We don’t accept game support requests, but external contributors are always welcome.

Thank you for the follow up B. Very helpful!