New CRTSwitchRes update

Change log.

  • Removed all system calls. Switching now only uses RandR Library. this will improve compatibility and speed.

  • Resolution checks added to prevent conflicts and crashes. before a resolution is installed. CRTSwitchRes will check if it exists first. this should improve speed and prevent crashes.

  • Closing X11 server now runs a clean up to removes all resolutions installed. This will remove all resolutions when you exit RA. Cleaning up xrandr output and prventing any onload crashes.

  • Auto monitor switching changed. monitor index 20 is now used to switch all connected displays. this leaves 0 - 19 for manual selection. Hopefully, fixing multi monitor issues.


Hi @Alphanu

This is still Linux only?

@rafan Yes, the above changes are for Linux. I am currently working on DRMKMS Switching. Once this is done I will go back and work on the bugs for windows.

Thanks, some love for the Windows implementation would be great :+1:

I think the most pressing issue is the multimonitor issue, it would be so helpful if that could be resolved (switching the primary screen everytime really is a bit of a a pain, even with scripts as it messes with window placement for frontend etc.).

If only this multimonitor issue could be fixed for Vulkan for example.

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I can’t get it to work… :sob:

maybe the changes have not yet been integrated on RA?

I want to try out the new update, but need to install a fresh linux distro. @Alphanu, which one do you recommend?

anything with a lightweight desktop environment. Ideally a minimal install with openbox (no menu bar). This would be for a more advanced user to get setup. There are many guides out there to do this though.

Xubuntu or Lubuntu would be your best choices for a pre-built system.

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thanks. you also mentioned somewhere that an older kernel plays best with CrtSwitchRes. Does this new update play nice with 5.x kernels or should I install an older one?