New problems with Resident Evil 2 and Zero in Dolphin

Alright, Code Veronica already worked with the old version of the Dolphin core and since the update last week the REmake also runs just fine.

But in the current version I am having major problems with Resident Evil 2 and Zero. In 2 the audio does not play back correctly. The background music is almost completely defunct and only pops ins for a second every couple of seconds.

In RE Zero the screen flashes pink at every single screen transition. This applies to camera angle changes as well as opening and closing the menu and passing through doors.

I am using the hardware renderer with a R9 280X under Windows 7. The problems occur with the hardware shared context option enabled or disabled.

The sound problem in RE2 (and RE3 too) happens because since build 5.0-560 of Dolphin a sound hack was removed. It happens on the Dolphin app too, so it is not a problem with the core itself.

About Resident Evil 0, transitions are fine on Dolphin 5.0-4871 (not the latest, but the one I have here), but I just tested the Core and I do get the brief pink flashes too. This one must be a problem with the core itself, yeah ):

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Any chance to see this fixed? Gamecube version of Resident Evil 3 got more detailed prerendered backgrounds, i’d like to play that version over ps1…

Nothing i suppose? Maybe this sound hack could be restored only for Resident Evil 2-3 games, which aren’t enjoyable without it. Also, Dolphin core needs standalone Dolphin’s “Force Texture Filtering” option cause of unfiltered prerendered backgrounds, which filters good enough but creates square artifacts too, take a look:

Talking about PS1 version, Beetle PSX HW’s filter works magnificently even in “nearest” (not to mention xBR), but this version’s backgrounds look obviously way worse. Take a look:

So, concluding, Dolphin core really needs to bring back that sound hack for RE 2-3 and a Texture Filtering option that works just like Beetle PSX HW’s one.

Ah, yeah, pretty sure that square artifact thing is from the bilinear filtering sampling outside of the texture boundaries. We had the same issue with beetle-psx-hw until iCatButler added in boundary clamping. Dunno if that’s anything upstream dolphin cares about adding/fixing, since only a couple of GCN games use prerendered backgrounds.

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Ah, yeah, pretty sure that square artifact thing is from the bilinear filtering sampling outside of the texture boundaries.

Definitely, anyway Dolphin’s core in retroarch doesn’t even have that option, unlike standalone Dolphin.

only a couple of GCN games use prerendered backgrounds.

True that, but these RE 2-3 versions are the best out there, it’s a pity we can’t emulate them properly. Also, other great games like Baten Kaitos would benefit from that filter.

I’m late, but the pink/purple screen (it’s actually magenta, but whatever) is actually a pretty easy fix, and I can confirm it works as I’m playing Resident Evil Zero in Retroarch right now and there’s no flashing pink screen. On standalone Dolphin this issue is fixed by disabling “Store XFB Copies to Texture Only”. There doesn’t seem to be any way to change this directly from within Retroarch’s GUI, but since with standalone Dolphin this will update a GFX.ini within Username\Documents\Dolphin Emulator\Config, I simply opened it up and copied the new line it generates below “[Hacks]”, and pasted it into Retroarch’s GFX.ini.


  • Open \saves\User\Config\GFX.ini
  • Paste the following line below “[Hacks]”
  • XFBToTextureEnable = False
  • That’s it.
  • You may need to restart, or do this while Retroarch is closed or something.
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