New version of VBA-M Core wont save on some games

I recently I updated my RetroArch and the cores and noticed a problem with VBA-M. some games have non function sram save with the latest version of VBA-M. the two games in question are Magical Quest Starring Mickey & Minnie which goes through the motions of saving but nothing is actually saved. Then there is Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past which says the save file is corrupted even after deleting the old sram and letting it make a new one, and if an attempt is made to make a new save it says it failed to create it. I’m sure there more then just these two games with this problem but these are the ones I noticed. It not all games I test Donkey Kong Country and it seemed to work fin with the new version of the core. Fortunately, I backed up my old cores and was able to rivet back to a version that worked. The old version I’m currently using is VBA-M (1.8.0 3b037e4). So, if the creators of the core are listening you should check this problem out.

Thanks for the report. I’m having trouble finding this known-good revision. I checked both VBA-M and VBA-Next’s commit logs.

I did see that VBA-Next’s most recent commit (about a month and a half ago) involves saving but nothing suspicious like that for VBA-M.

well according the date i put on my back up cores its from all the way back in December of 2018 so i image finding something from that long ago would be hard best of luck to you.

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oh lol that explains it. I only looked back a couple of months. welp, that’s gonna be a tough one to pin down.