Nightly build of OS X



I have a question related to the nightly builds done for OS X. I see that scummvm has been very recently been updated but the latest build for OS X was on the 25th of Nov (I can see that merge of 1.9.0 happened after this). I see that newer builds have been made for other OS, for example Linux. So why is a new build not triggered for OS X? How is the nightly build triggered?

I was looking at this since I was not getting flac, mp3 and ogg to work in scummvm but then I could see that there as been some late commits adding this support but these are done after the last build for OS X

Thanks for the help /Henrik


Our OSX/iOS buildbot is currently offline but we’re working to get it back up.


Ok, that explains it :slight_smile:

thanks for a fast answer.


Hello The nightly builds done for OS X of retroarch and cores are not updated anymore for several days. Thank you for your help