No Throw in Virtua Fighter with MAME (current)

Hi guyz. What a strange bug! I tried Virtua Fighter (proper romset) with MAME 0.225 core I took here:

There’s NO WAY a throw works. Neither P+G command nor Wolf’s Forward+P. So it’s not a simultaneous button input issue.

I tried with MAME 2003-Plus and throws work. The only downside is graphical issues.

Do you also have this issue?

Thanks for your help.

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There’s a lot of bugs in VF on Mame. Try the PC version or the Saturn version instead. Last resort: 32X

I’ve got them all, but the Arcade version is better, at least without bug. The visual glitches on mame-2003-plus are bearable. At least more than not being able to make a throw :smiley:

Incidentally, VF2 arcade is faster on the Model 2 emulator as opposed to MAME.