Not yet ported open source emulators you want to see in RetroArch?

Also, how many open source emulators haven’t been ported yet? Are any of these any better than the ones already in the list of cores?

One that i can think of right now is Project 64. This emulator has been open source for a while now but it seems like nobody cares about it being in RetroArch. I believe this emulator is superior than Mupen in almost every way. I have been testing the standalones for years now and i don’t remember a single game that runs on Mupen and can’t run on Pj64 (especially the latest version) but i can think of a few games that don’t even boot in Mupen and play very well on Pj64 (World Driver Championship and Stunt Racer 64 being the ones i care the most).

Other than that i can’t think of anything else though, except maybe the atari800 emulator that just got a very nice core for Atari 5200 support (although still not in the online updater).

Would like to see some more ports of open source games, stuff like OpenTyrian and SuperTux.

PJ64’s code is in worse shape for our purposes than mupen64plus’ was/is. Their frontend code is all mixed up with their backend code, and it would be very difficult to split them apart.

I know we have Gameboy Emulators, already but I’d love to see a port of GameYob. It has support for GBC bios intros and colors as well as super gameboy colors and borders.

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If we were to port another Game Boy emu, it would probably be SameBoy, which does all of those things (except maybe the borders…?) and is highly accurate, as well.

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gambatte has support for the BIOS too

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The Super Game Boy border is a nice deal for those who’d like to try them like it was in the real SNES.

From everything I can tell, SameBoy doesn’t support Super Gameboy colors or borders. I hope I’m not explaining something already well known, but SGB color works very very differently from the GBC. Games like Pokemon and Donkey Kong 94 are vastly superior when played on a Super Gameboy.

How? I never managed to see the bios. Is it only for the standalone?

Hey GemaH, check this topic; you will find all the info in here:

Thanks for the heads up Kondorito. It worked!

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Supermodel would be my pick, no Model 3 emulator in RA.

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Secret Maryo chronicles (Not an emulator), PCem (Dosbox but more accurate and not dead), cacao/midpath/j2me (Java is an emulator with abstract i/o extensions), lightscibe flash player.

I had not heard of PCem up until now, kinda want it on Android now.

creatiVision Emulator, Common Source Code Project, dsp-emulator (since it’s got a decent working Colecovision part)

There is allready an pcem in libretro github. But i didn’t try to build it yet.

Dolphin libretro Port still needs a lot of love.

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Hey there, SameBoy’s developer here!

I just noticed you started porting SameBoy to libretro on GitHub so I wanted to let you know I’d be happy to assist in case you have any problems. (I also noticed you ported some of my shaders and referenced SameBoy in your version of Gambatte, which is cool :stuck_out_tongue: )

One of SameBoy’s next major’s (0.9) focuses is stabilizing APIs and simplifying frontend development, so that’s a great timing as well.

Anyway, just a few notes about SameBoy:

  • SameBoy does not emulate any SGB feature. Since SameBoy focuses on accuracy, and accurate SGB emulation requires complete SNES emulation, SGB support is not likely to be added any time soon. I think the only emulator with proper SGB support is Higan, so you should use it if SGB support is what you’re looking for.
  • SameBoy supports (and requires) DMG/CGB boot ROMs, and it comes bundled with custom and free boot ROMs. SameBoy’s CGB boot ROM supports all of Nintendo’s game-specific palettes, as well as the original keypad-based palettes, +4 more custom palettes. It also supports applying static palettes to CGB ROMs and has same compatibility hacks Nintendo’s ROM has. (These are required for proper emulation of X’s intro on a CGB, for example)
  • SameBoy is extremely accurate. It is regularly tested automatically against almost 3000 ROMs and the 0.9 prerelease version recently reached the 99% success milestone (see It also has complete support for the GameBoy Camera, GameBoy Printer, and is also the only emulator that emulates undocumented registers PCM12 and PCM34.

Hey! Great to hear from you! As a shader guy, I was really intrigued by your shaders. Very cool stuff :smiley:

Radius and I are going to try doing the libretroization for SameBoy. We’re both quite new at doing that part of things (radius recently did his first libretroization with melonDS and this will be my first), so it may take some time, and I/we will certainly hit you up if we have any questions from your end of things. It looks like a remarkably well-organized codebase, though, and I think it should link up pretty much 1:1.

If we get it all hooked up, would you be interested in any patches/PRs? I don’t think we’ll need to touch any external files, since you already have everything very clean and well-divided.

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Glad to hear you enjoyed my shaders, it’s really awesome to be able to use OmniScale on SNES games. :slight_smile:

And yes, I’m interested in patches and comments; SameBoy is still being actively developed and I’m always looking for improvements. API comments are especially welcome, as I’d like to stabilize it by the next version.