NVidia Shield and Network storage?

I have a new NVidia Shield Pro and also have mapped thru Shield my Windows file share. On that share I have some ROMS. I haven’t checked this yet, but when I go to the Config > Directories or something like that and can change where bios files and stuff go I do not see that folder available. I just see /storage/ and some items after that and also a slash folder. Does RetroArch support network storage and if so how do I get it ot see it?



It doesn’t support network mounting itself, but Shield ATVs can mount network locations themselves and they will show up as a location you can navigate to within RetroArch.

Figured it out but it’s not intuitive.

As mentioned you have like 5 folders that you can select from that start with


and one just


So I clicked into the / and nothing. I clicked into /storage and saw my two network shares. So am good to go.

I had a network drive mount within reteoarch on the shield. Now the Shield had an update to android 11 (shield experience 9). The mounts are gone. I had some hotfixes, reinstalled the app, remounted the network drive in the shield settings… None of it worked. Does the retroarch need an update to realign this feature on the shield, maybe? Am I the only one with the problem? Is there another fix I have overlooked?

It doesn’t just affect Retroarch. This latest Android TV update has knocked out external storage on every emulator.

Great job Google, real genius level update there. Now go and stand in the corner wearing the dunce’s hat.