Old-ish version of the PPSSPP core that only has 3 frames of input lag

Compared to the dreaded 6 frames of all the newer ones. I’m not a programmer so I have no way of knowing what changed that doubled it. It’s 5375cf2 and it was released in late march.

Instead of ‘feel’, try the frame by frame method. This is really easy to test by yourself.

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I can confirm. I get massive input lag in Ultimate Ghouls n Ghosts. 7 frames of lag according to frame advance.

The standalone version of PPSSPP isn’t much better either.

Could you post the older version somewhere please?

ppsspp 5375cf2

Hope this doesn’t go against the forum’s rules!

Regarding UGnG yeah, it’s really bad in that game. But I managed to make it very playable (3 frames) with the 60fps cheat and completely disabling vsync. This on standalone ppsspp. On retroarch, at 30fps and with the old-ish core I’m getting 4-5 frames (always talking about UGnG). That means it would be about 2 frames at 60fps (twice the fps, half the input lag as a general rule), but I haven’t tried that yet. Also without tearing, since nothing does low latency vsync quite like retroarch, afaik (maybe Dolphin, which also feels great and responsive when vsynced).

Thanks, i will test this myself when i get some time.

Edit: Did a quick test. Indeed this version is faster. I get 3-4 frames of lag instead of 7 in UGnG. It’s still a bit high but at least the game is playable now. Thanks.

So now i wonder if this will ever get fixed or if we are stuck with an old version of PPSSPP…

Edit 2: Little Big Planed only has 1 frame of lag with this build and it’s a 30fps game. That means it should be as good as it gets and the same as the real thing. Which also means UGnG has some lag on it’s own which is also present in the real PSP.

Can someone confirm the lag on real hardware or talk to the ppsspp dev?

Developer is aware of the input lag issue, he posted on the Reddit Emulation page.

Did he mention anything about this old core?

No but it was mentioned to him, along with this topic.

Today he responded, the extra input lag appeared after adding a new multithreading feature. Here’s the discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/emulation/comments/9tq5lp/ppsspp_171_released/

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Between the lag and the lack of FSE in standalone PPSSPP is basically useless for me, as there is terrible frame pacing in borderless windowed with aero in w7 leading to tons of stuttering. I would use the RAcore but it flat out refuses to run my rip of MGSPO or FFT. Just crashes. And the games I can get to load seem to suffer a texture filtering bug that cause texture upscaling to get turned on even though it is set to 0. Where as they work in standalone but stutteing and input lag.

Bonkers why not use exclusive fullscreen? I think that’s how you should run emulators and games.

And have you guys tried the newest version of standalone? It’s really fast, I’m getting 2 frames of input lag in many games. It’s actually more responsive than the RA core that I posted here! :smiley:

Same problem as BONKERS here, ppsspp standalone and also 30FPS games on the libretro core stutters like crazy rendering them unplayable. Main culprit is the lack of a Fullscreen Exclusive Mode and Windows 7. Is there a way I can enable FSE on standalone? I tried Special K and it didn’t work…

For stuttering, you can try to enable trible buffering in the ATI/Nvidia CP, and/or disabling vsync.

edit: I mean standalone, I would never disable vsync on RA of course

Why not sync with upstream?

The buildbot already builds upstream. There’s nothing to sync.

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Thats cool :sunglasses: Completely oversaw the feature :slight_smile:

You’re a hero man, thank you for posting this. Went from 6 frames of lag to 3. It’s much better, let’s hope they fix it sometime.