Old logins at old

I have two logins (Jiro and arromdee) which I created a number of years ago. I can’t recover the password because they were probably created using an old email address that doesn’t exist any more.I’d like to have my password reset for those and if possible both of them combined.

I would be able to tell an admin what email was likely used for those accounts.

I directed them both to use the email from this account. Let me know once you have them updated and which account you want as your “main” and I’ll merge the others into that one.

I tried resetting the password on them and didn’t receive any reset password links at the account I am using for arromdee2.

In fact, I tried resetting the password for this account just to test. I didn’t actually reset it, but it did successfully send me the email; the other two did not successfully send me email.

It may be that you are not permitted to change the email address on the other accounts to one that is already being used.