Opera not saving

Every time I save in a 3do game that save seems to only exist until I hit “close content”. When I reopen the game (any 3do game) it’s gone.

I didn’t find anything searching the forum, so I’m going to take a wild guess and assume most other people don’t have this problem.

What should I do?

that usually means the core is crashing on exit. I don’t recall whether this core produces srm saves, but if it does, make sure you have an SRAM autosave interval set and wait at least that long after saving before you close it.

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Opened up Star Fighter.

  • played a bit.
  • Saved game.
  • Listened to the catchy soundtrack for a while.
  • Closed game.
  • Reopened game.
  • Checked the loading screen. Nothing there.
  • Closed game.

Reduced SaveRAM autosave interval to 1second.

  • Reopened game.
  • yada yada.
  • Saved game
  • Went to the loading screen without closing the game.
  • Loaded game successfully.
  • Closed game.

Reopened game. Nothing in the loading screen.

  • played game a bit, yada yada.
  • saved game.
  • Restarted instead of closing.

Nothing in the loading screen.

Looks like it’s probably related to this: https://github.com/libretro/opera-libretro/issues/96

So, i guess the solution is to switch to a shared memory card?

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Solved the problem, though this is far from an ideal solution.

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