Over 1000 Arcade Overlays


Here’s a little something to keep some of you busy for a bit. I downloaded a huge MAME artwork pack and decided to convert all of them to overlays. It’s a mixed bag of artwork from creators such as Krakerman, Grizz, AlexDC22 etc. I cherry picked one bezel for each game and also mostly picked official bezel art for most games so if there are any overlays you don’t like you can simply replace it with artwork of your liking. Some really old games made use of background images such as these for example:


Boot Hill


Triple Hunt

For those really old games it’s always best to turn the overlay opacity down to about 50 or anywhere to your liking so that you can see your game sprites over the overlay and all background images are 16:9 resolution. In any case I hope you all enjoy. For all the other games you may have to turn integer on (or off) and do a lot of custom aspect ratio adjusting.

Basically this is what you’ll be getting:

and a lot of this:


MAME Overlays per game question

wow, this must have been a lot of work! Thanks for sharing it!


Holy crap I hope you didn’t do it manually!! Although you may have added the screen bezels to the artwork manually.

Hats off if you did and great work

I literally just got a batch script sorted that can create text files with whatever static into you need , inject the filename including ext ad out put it based on game name saving the output as whatever extension you need. Awesome for making full screen overlay cfg files from a folder of png’s

Or a bunch of .uae files for Amiga launching or .cms files for name launching. Off a folder of roms.

Either way these are great.


Thatman84 I told you I had a big surprise for you and everyone lol. You’re welcome guys, it took about two months and some change off and on working on it and yes I did all of the screen bezels manually, it was a fun little side project that I just happened to get sucked into after a while. I actually wanted (and still may) include all the extra bezels for each game at some point in a future update as some artwork would come with about 7 different bezels but I knew that would’ve taken even longer to include them all and I wanted to get this out there for you guys asap. Glad you’re enjoying it, I only managed to slap on a few overlays myself so I also have a lot of work to do lol.

Thatman84, that batch script your’re talking about, I’m not sure what you’re saying but it sounds like you’re saying that somehow using a batch script I could have possibly gotten this project done faster lol. I think we talked about batch scripts before over at the Hyperspin forums, it’s been a while though.


Wow. That’s unbelievable. Thank you so much !


Beautiful contribution sonkun :slight_smile:


Beautiful :heart_eyes:


Is there still a location to download these overlays?


I may have grabbed them i will have to check.

If so i will try and add them to libretros github

Here https://github.com/libretro/arcade-overlays

Unless theres a reason not to @hunterk


no, I think it’s appropriate.


Try that new link I just put up. I finally made a MEGA account to back up some stuff and those overlays were the first thing on my hit list. First time sharing a link from there so I hope that works, let me know if it doesn’t.


Link works fine.

Thanks for updating it.

I will get them on github soon ish…


Sounds good. If I’m not mistaken MEGA doesn’t have any expiration date as well (as a free user) so I think that link should work indefinitely as long as I keep my account.


Thanks @sonkun for the link - much appreciated!


Currently adding these to GitHub for approval now.

@sonkun do you have override configs for these bezels?


Sounds good. I think I have about 100 something override configs and then I just stopped doing them lol. I was planning to post them up a while ago but I use certain custom shaders along with those configs and those shader settings got saved within the override configs so I’m not sure if that would interfere with someone elses Retroarch set up if they were to try and use them. I guess I can still put them up if you want.


Cool, chuck them up and I will see if there are any minor edits that can make them global. Or write up where people should place them to then use the config overrides


Here you go. I also included the shaders I used along with read me files of what folder the overrides/shaders need to be placed in. Some overrides may need more tweaking but they’re basically what I used in those sample images in the first post.

Forgot to mention those shaders can only be used with the Vulkan driver. The easymode shader I mostly use with the horizontal games and the hyllian one I only use mostly for the vertical games.


I updated the link so grab those when you get a chance, noticed quite a few overrides I did were missing. I’m not sure how it turned out on your end using my overrides with my crazy config set up but if somehow you got them to work without too much trouble I may just get back to doing overrides for every overlay I did and post them all up.


so I have managed to remove your user specific paths

I changed those for /storage/emulated/0/RetroArch/overlays/borders/sonkun-mame

for the cfg files

I also removed the file browser path to mame roms

The only issue I have is the shader presets. There are many of those and not sure how to handle that one as you must have a rooted device which not everyone has. EDIT: you may not be rooted as lauching from Hyperspin but your presets are in a root folder

I have commented that out.so it is visible for people to help find the correct one you used

The biggest issue is that I cant test anything till the wife gives up the TV :frowning: