Overclocking Factor added to Mupen64 FZ Android

An option to overclock the emulated N64 CPU was just adden to Mupen64 FZ for Android. This is a proper overcklocking option, unlike counter factor, VI refresh and the “full frame rate” option of the core that never does anything.

This works like the proper overcklocking option in PJ64 as well. I think its the first time a Mupen build gets this feature. Is it possible this will be added to Mupen64 Plus next? Its the only thing missing from this core to make it feature complete.

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I may need to update then.

Thank you for the information

it’s in the libretro mupen core now, as well.


I was waiting for this since it was implemented in PJ64. Im away from my PC for a few weeks and can’t test it. I tried the android core but i couldn’t find the option.

should be this commit from 4 days ago: https://github.com/libretro/mupen64plus-libretro-nx/commit/ca1deafe34534e0371167d9f6a6c282de4d5cb86

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Dunno, i don’t see anything in the options in the android core (GLE3).

The counter factor option always existed and does help a little bit in games with unlocked frame rate but it’s not proper overclocking like the one in PJ64 or the new one in Mupen64 FZ where you choose how much faster the CPU will run (2x, 3x, 4x, etc).

I tested this on PJ64 and it really does overclock the native N64 system and with it its possible to play Goldeneye at smooth 60fps with no drops (using overclock factor 3x).

The option does indeed exist in the PC version of the core.

But could someone shed some light of how does it work exactly? I didn’t see a difference with the different numbers i choose from 2 to 11. It does make Goldeneye run smoother but it still drops frames in many parts no matter the numbers you put.

Doesn’t seem to be any other info about this anywhere, i guess it makes sense since it’s new.