Overlay problems


Hi, all I’m new to retroarch and this is my first post, hopefully in the correct place. I am running retroarch on Windows 10 and am managing to get to grips with it apart from with overlays. My issue is I have a 4:3 monitor and I intend to use an atari lynx overlay which is in 16:9 ratio. I want retro arch to keep the overlays original aspect ratio of 16:9 with black bars at the top and bottom. Instead the overlay squashes to 4:3 and fills the entire screen. I am at a loss as to how to keep it 16:9 (if it is at all possible). Many thanks in advance for any help.


Yes, the overlays stretch to fill the screen. You could try padding the overlay image with empty space to fit the 16:9 image into the 4:3 screen space /shrug


If you find problems doing what hunterk suggested, you can provide me the overlay image file, and I will add you the black bars to it (so it ends up being a 4:3 image simulating a 16:9 one).


Many thanks thanks for the information @hunterk and the offer of assistance getting it done, @kondorito what a friendly place. I will have an attempt at adding the black bars myself, I will give you a shout if I am unsuccessful @kondorito thanks again guys!