Overlays Collection By SusGoART (1920x1080)


Overlays Collection By SusGoART (1920x1080)

I hope you like them! (Suggestions are accepted)

Thank you and enjoy it! (April 4, 2018) SusGoART


Example file of… "[SYSTEM OVERLAY].cfg"

overlays = 1

overlay0_overlay = [SYSTEM OVERLAY].png

overlay0_full_screen = true

overlay0_descs = 0



Where are they? You posted no link


Very good, @SusGo!

My suggestion is a version for flat screen.



no link to download?


What links? The images (*.png) are here… directly in this web


Those are interesting. Well done!


These look great, but am I missing something? All the images above are jpg, and whilst they work as overlays, I assume the white “screen” in the middle is supposed to transparent, and a png?


Could you post the overlays again? All the pictures in the post are in .jpg


May I ask a question - I’m trying to set up your Wonderswan and while I have the overlay appearing, I cannot get the mednafen core to correctly resize the Wonderswan content

If I go for a custom resolution, i get the right size but it achieves it via cropping, and not resizing - am I doing something wrong? The same settings worked on Atari Lynx


I went ahead and converted these to transparent .pngs and made .cfg files for each :slight_smile: You’ll still have to configure the core override with the correct dimensions for your screen, but the overlays should work now.

Get them here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L-eQvQM4Fu1UvVTebxPDr3HYdMCyuP4g/view?usp=sharing