Overlays for 3DS?

I can’t seem to get Overlays to work on 3DS. On-screen overlay settings in Retroarch says ‘‘no settings found’’

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Also if overlays are not supported by the 3DS, is there a way to add handheld boarders to my games on 3DS

Hi there is my 3ds overlay. its possible to put overlay on 3ds core. i’m on windows

@lesebio How were you able to achieve this? I heard that the 3DS core didn’t support dual-screen overlays. So was that not true?

the 2 screens are composited onto a single rectangle. You can put an overlay on/around that rectangle, but you can’t split them off and do different stuff with the 2 different screens beyond whatever layout options the core exposes.

@hunterk Okay…so I get that the screens won’t be able to be completely separated like they are on the NDS core…but just like they are on the photo above, will I still be able to play it just like that?

Sure. You’ll need to scale the image down a bit, either via integer scale or a custom viewport, but what’s in the pic is very doable.

Okay. I’ll give it a try. Thanks!