Paperboy arcade shader ? 😁

What shaders are you guys using for paperboy arcade ? I can get different shaders to look good but im sure there’s a perfect one somewhere, I think it’s because the arcade monitor was a different resolution to most, using the TV presets in RA is pretty good, but I’m wondering what you guys use. Scanlines or not ?

that appears to be a medium res game, with a resolution of 512x384, so scanlines would be thinner than a regular 240p console game.

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Yes I agree with that, sometimes no scanlines can be better as well, but I like something on to help the quality, I’m going to scan through the shaders, but yes definitely thinner lines, some scanlines show like big circles on the screen, any other game I get looking great, this one has always been a bit hit and miss depending on resolution on screen

Yeah, a lot of the masks make ugly moire effects at different resolutions.


It depends on what you’re using as a display and how you scale. I recently tried the emulated Dreamcast Paperboy version of a compilation on a 768p TV. With 2x scale, scanlines only look great there imho. You can use e.g. scanlines-fract.

Alternatively, mask only (2px) is okay too. Combining both may look weird, I think e.g. Guest needs more scaling room to get proper scanlines in such a case, however the res-indepent scanlines shader with the included mask layout works. Now, on my 1200p monitor, I can scale x3, Guest works fine with thin scanlines and I like that look.

But if you’re on a 1080p display, perhaps, you need to stick to non-integer scaling and no scanlines at all.

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Yes 55inch 1080p, makes sense what your saying, I’ll keep looking for that perfect one :grin:

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Yeah, it seems you need more resolution to get good scanline scaling, try maybe Guest’s shaders or Easy Mode Halation, turn scanlines off/reduce strengh to zero, and flip through the various mask effects. For Guest, try maybe mask 10/11 with mask shift (-) 2.

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