ParaLLEI N64 on Retroarch 1.8.2 on jailbreaked iOS9 - slowness advice!

Hi. I’m running ParaLLEI N64 on Retroarch 1.8.2 on jailbreaked iOS9 (iPad mini 1) but I get a very slow experience, with choppy sound. Graphics don’t seem too slow, although they are not smooth. Maybe it’s the hardware that is not powerful enough, and N64 emulation that is very hard to accomplish, but still I’d like to request some advice on how to smooth things up! I’ve tried several combination in the options but none worked well. One thing comes to my attention: I only have “cached_interpreter” and “pure_interpreter” as CPU Core. In PSX emulation I had a “dynamic_recompiler” which made a HUGE difference (and only way to make it playable). I thought there was also a dynamic recompiler option for PalaLLEI N64, but I don’t see it in my device. Maybe I am wrong?

Thanks for all the help!

I don’t think the dynarec works on iOS, even when jailbroken. I think it last worked on iOS 8.4 jailbreak.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I’m reading scattered posts and webpages – not sure if dynarec is being developed for ParaLLEI N64, or for another core (Mupen?) that does not appear on the list of cores to download in my device. Have to dig (or wait) more!

iOS is unfriendly to dynarecs unless they’re designed specifically to work around some of the limitations imposed (for security reasons). Some malware uses the same tricks as emulators, so if the jailbreak doesn’t specifically enable those tricks, the dynarec won’t work.

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Thank god I have dynarec on Psx emu :slight_smile: