ParaLLEl N64 - cannot use both C-up and C-down at the same moment

I’m playing ISS64 with ParaLLel N64 core. In that game C-down is used to run, and C-up is used for a forward pass. So I need to use those buttons at the same moment, but while I’m pressing C-down button, C-up button doesn’t affect. If I’m not pressing C-down button I can easaly do a forward pass by pressing C-up button. I’m using a Wireless Tribute 64 controller and I enabled “indipendent C-button Controls” but that doesn’t solve my problem.

If you disable independent c-button controls and hold R2, can you do it with the north and south face buttons?

Just tried. I can’t. Still, I need to do make it work with C-up and C-down.

I just noticed the issue happens on Mupen64Plus-Next too

1 - open the game 2 - make sure that the enabled option “indipendent C-button Controls” is active. 3 - In the part of configuring the buttons do not use Y+,Y-,X+,X- 4 - Choose C UP, C Down, C Left, C Right, and it will work.