Parallel n64 vulkan?


Is the parrallel vulkan plugin going to be coming back? angrylion is pretty demanding


Not any time soon in Windows, as it’s an either/or situation (angrylion-plus requires compiling with MSVC to be fast, while ParaLLEl RDP requires mingw), but you can use it in Linux still, IIRC.

Perhaps someone with vulkan interests will come along at some point and tie up the few loose ends it has to make it more directly competitive with angrylion-plus…


Alright. Is it normal that it’s using about 40% of my 8 core 16 thread 1700x in vulkan with angrylion? Also I get slowdowns when opening the RA menu in-game


Yeah, pretty normal on the CPU usage. Dunno about the menu slowdown.


menu seems to be causing slowdowns for most of my cores, but specificly this one


if you are using the linux version try this

taskset 0x1 retroarch <-- This will use only one core for retroarch.


That’s not at all what this thread is about, but thanks for the information.