PCSX2 core has issues with special characters in paths

Hello, I’m not sure this is the proper place to report bugs about specific cores, please tell me if that’s not the case and there’s a but tracker somewhere.

Using RetroArch on Linux (Kubuntu 22.04), installed as a flatpak. For a long time, I’ve had issues loading PS2 content with the PCSX2 core and I’ve finally found out why: it doesn’t like special characters in paths. In my case, I had a directory named “ÉMULATION” from which I could never load PS2 content; it works after renaming it to “EMULATION” (without the accentuated É).

I haven’t encountered the same issues with other cores, they can load content from that dir/subdirs without issues, it seems to only happen with the PCSX2 core. Also, PCSX2 as a standalone (installed as flatpak too) has no issue with that dir.

Looks like someone reported it about a week ago, but they thought it was just a specific funky character: https://github.com/libretro/pcsx2/issues/232

You could add your experience there and suggest they change the title to include any special character.

Games such as Wachenröder (Saturn) and Söldnerschild (Saturn and PS1) won’t open if the ö character is in the file name, I only tested Wachenröder and the game won’t even open Retroarch if launched directly, and I’m not sure if it’s RA itself or the Saturn core.

@aorin1: I don’t think I’ve had issues with similar files on PS1 or Saturn though I’m not sure I’ve tested images with that kind of characters; I think I’ve tried Einhänder on PS1 without issues but I’d have to check again.

Anyway, in the case that you’re using .bin/.cue, have you checked that the proper name is used in the .cue and that the file is saved with the right encoding (that might depend on your OS)? To be sure, have you tested a CHD version with a name that has a ö in it?

@hunterk: thanks, I’ve added a comment.

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I only use CHDs.*****************************20character limit