PCSX2 Keeps RetroArch Process Running in Background

I’ve noticed that whenever I play a game with the PCSX2 core, and exit RetroArch (ESC key 2x) the process for RetroArch is left running in my task manager; to the point that it keeps my screensaver from running (RA is set to keep that from happening when it’s open).

I tried searching the forums, but didn’t see any results mentioning this behavior, and it’s only this core. I know it’s in alpha state, so it is likely a bug, but I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do about it like a setting or workaround or something.

I’ll forget about it, and then after a few days notice I have a whole list of retroarch.exe open in task manager sucking resources and keeping my PC awake at night.

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I believe there’s an old thread where other users are saying the same. In my experience, it does happen here as well, so for those using frontends to launch PCSX2 games get stuck and need to manually close the process. I’m on Windows 10, I’m not sure if users in other OSes experience the same. Like the Sharp X68000 core, the only way for it to work in my tests is with a backup from a one years+ old build too, otherwise it just don’t load any game. I’m not saying that an older PCSX2 core will work, but maybe it does, I never tried tracking one that doesn’t have the current issue.

It’s a known problem.

isn´t that a well known problem from the pcsx2 core ? it even stands in the docs … https://docs.libretro.com/library/pcsx2/ it has that problem since launch i think there is more ore less nothing to do about it besides keep track of the taskmanager

at least the core is still working for you i just can´t get it to boot anymore :sweat_smile:

I always see posts about how there’s nothing that can be done about it. But i’m not sure if that’s aimed at the end users or the programmers. I mean, i don’t know much about coding but i would think a function to close a program shouldn’t be incredibly difficult? Or maybe i’m just clueless.

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i can´t say it ,i am also not very strong in coding stuff besides some basic long long ago , but i guess this is just for the user cuz …its in the user docs. :sweat_smile:

i am sure that they can fix it fix someday , if the core get out is early stage .

but you never know i also saw some new cores vanish forever after a few weeks/months and not once saw them running (R.I.P. Daphne core)

i hope pcsx2 will boot someday again for me , fixes that task problem and hopefully gets vulkan support. i just can´t figure out why it stopped working suddenly , it was running fine :man_shrugging:

Try setting the renderer to OpenGL in your opt.

pcsx2_renderer = "OpenGL"

Something seems buggy with the DX11.

thx but Tried it already …with all three gl drivers …with and without allow core to change driver …i tried so much

i really have no clue i also deleted everything from pcsx2 each config,folder installed it all new . no luck

the thing is i didn´t even change a thing it just stopped working

Three gl drivers sounds like you are changing the RA video driver. You tried changing the renderer in the core?

yeah …i meant i tryied the core setting on auto and on opengl and tried both settings with all 3 drivers and each time with the core can change driver setting on and off …

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I realy recommend using pcsx2 (Stand Alone) → Nightly Builds :wink: :ok_hand: for many reasons…

You have allots of options to play with in pcsx2, you can create custom settings for each game individually (graphics/audio/Emu … etc…)

That, and the output Graphics (3x Native (1080p) / Vulkan) in pscx2 nightly LOOK just the BEST … of all ps2 emu’s i have tried… The Graphics looks just Crisp & Clean (no blur wot so ever) :grin: :ok_hand:

Only thing that pcsx2 lacks is the use of shaders, RA did an good job implementing that… But using shaders on top of emulation is very cpu/gpu taxing … i can tell you that much…

Cheers, TD

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i don´t like the interface from standalone …path of neo is still ugly has hell thanks trough the interlacing or whatever cuz not every hack works on every game , and lesser known games still have errors or dind´t run well … but the same is with citra oot3d works well …even in 4 k but try to play some other lesser or unknown games :grin:

also i got the ps2 core working again …or it fixed it selfs but crashes when i try to start it with a shader , i wait tilll 3ds (it does th same) and ps2 have vulkan support some day , they also aren´t really that retro ^^

I appreciate the flurry of responses. I actually had not checked the libretro docs in quite some time now that I think about it. (I notice it’s name is different in there now, that’s nifty)

Seems there’s nothing to be done about it now other than task kill, which is ok, obviously not ideal but more than manageable.

Hope everyone had a great new year :slight_smile:

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