PCSX2 Close content issue

Win 10 user here,

I still have problems with closing content and opening a new one (or the same),

The first launch the game runs fine but if I close content and load a new one retroarch crashes.

upon re-launch of RA all works again, also in the process of closing content ra’s process hangs without closing in the task manager… any solutions?

I’m on Windows10, using D3D11 and balanced setting.

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Same problem here. Using vulkan by default, overriding to glcore for PCSX2 core on the cfg file.

AFAIK, exiting cleanly is still not consistent. So, your experience is not unusual.

Same issue here :(. Running the flatpak version of RetroArch on Ubuntu 18.04 using GL video driver. Have to use Task Manager to end the session. Are there any workarounds at the moment?


I’m now running Lakka with the same issue. As a workaround would setting a hotkey to restart Retroarch rather than closing work? Failing that, a reboot after each game is probably required but not sure if a hotkey can be assigned for this.