PCSX2 - sound issues

The Games within the PCSX2 RetroArch Core don’t work as they should be when it comes to the sound.

Just tried to play Need For Speed Underground 1 but the Sound is very heavily Shuttering.

Do you have any recommendations against that?

That usually means you’re not running full speed.

Thanks, where can I configure running full speed?

it’s a function of the emulator, your CPU speed and your various settings. RetroArch’s default settings are usually performance-friendly, so unless you’ve changed something like setting hard gpu sync ON, etc., you’re probably good there.

I don’t know of any pcsx2-libretro core options that would provide a major speedup, but I would expect the defaults to be safe there, as well.

in other words if your cpu is too weak your never get full speed in some games

okay I see. to be honest, the sound shuttering is quite annoying. there is also a proper working standalone emulator available on the internet called pcsx2. that one works fine for me with all games… so it must be something wrong in the settings or the retroarch core and not on my computer. i also read about pcsx2 issues for other members and that the core is not developed entirely

nevertheless I haven’t found any options for mitigation on retroarch when it comes to the pcsx2 core and I agree on you, default settings are usually fine with the rest of retroarch cores and i am using the default settings.