PCSX2 takes too long to load games

I have all my games in the compressed .gz format. The standalone also takes a while to load those the first time because it needs to generate a .tmp file of that game, in the same directory. After that, the game loads normally, without waiting.

Now i already have all the generated .tmp files in the directory. But RetroArch doesn’t use them, neither it generates it’s own. So every time i load a game everything looks like it froze for 10-20 seconds before the game actually loads.

Is this normal for the core?

Without looking into the code, I assume the core will create a temp file during usage and deletes the temp file after you closed the game. So the core will always create a new one. Why not using CISO?

Well, all my isos are in gz format and work fine with the standalone. If the core doesnt work as nicely with these files i will continue using the standalone.

Pcsx2 libretro core supports elf|iso|ciso|chd|cso|cue|bin|mdf|nrg|dump|gz|img|m3u extension.