Personal Overlays for Mame cores


Here is a beginning of a collection of overlays that I made first for myself, but that I share here. They concern Aracde emulators (Mame*, FBaplha). The goal here is not to stick to the realism of the original Bezels but simply to make the screen less empty. For vertical games there are two formats (16/9 and 4/3), all for a “Core Provided” ratio aspect.

All files are to be put in the overlays directory (~/.config/retroarch/overlay).

The files are in this GIT repository:

Some examples:



That’s well done! I love all the variety of bezels in the community.


Thank you, yours are great, much more realistic, even if it’s not my goal here I love your work


No problem. Thank you. Love your style. Yes I know and I love that we all make different things. So much variety. This is an awesome community!