Pi 4/400 autologin menu script

FWIIW, I’ve made a hackable autologin menu script off the console for Pi 400 running Bullseye. Of course, toggling between Desktop & console allows running RetroArch from either mode too. It includes idle play between demo clips and running the first 30-seconds of tagged content favorites (arcade & consoles only). It takes event input from the Pi 400 keyboard but also an attached joystick.

Since RetroArch has limited media playing on Pi, I’ve been using mplayer -vo fbdev2 -fs -xy 2 -zoom, but now mpv (--no-video for music only) with these settings ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf:


The audio waits here after opening for 1sec here because I don’t want my external sound system to miss capturing the beginning of the HDMI audio stream passing thru.

Another neat framebuffer tool to show an image is fbi. I use it in /etc/rc.local to show an image on another virtual console, before my autologin menu script switches over to primary console sudo chvt 1:

SPLASH="`ls /home/pi/Pictures/Splash/* | shuf | head 1`"
fbi --noverbose -a -vt 2 "${SPLASH}" &> /dev/null

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