Picodrive, older version

Does anyone have an older version of Picodrive where NBA JAM (32X) works?

Newer versions have a regression that cause the game to freeze with an error after a quarter ends or during a transition in the attract mode.

have you checked the core bundles from the stable releases on buildbot.libretro.com?

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No they all crash (the earliest versions don’t give an error message though, they just freeze with a white screen and the black silhouettes of the players.

You can easily reproduce the issue by letting the game play it’s demo. Once the first play demo ends, the game crashes.

Weird because i could sworn this game was working before. But the earliest core i can download is still from 2021.

I just tried it, the attract mode looped twice without apparent issues, can you test in another device, even your smartphone or something to make sure it’s not some setting that’s causing it? The file is NBA Jam - Tournament Edition (World).32x, CRC=6b7994aa Added a few more screenshots to show my defaults:


Thanks to your input, i found the issue.

The problem was that i have the “Dynamic Recompliers” disabled. Having them disabled is supposed to be the more accurate/slower option so i assumed it would also be the less buggy. I enabled it for this game and now it works.

Funny thing is that the 32X Ares core had the same exact issue, so i was thinking maybe the game is unemulated and i remember it wrong, But then i also remembered that Ares also focuses on accuracy so that’s maybe why this particular game doesn’t work. Which is funny because it’s the only game in 32X’s library that doesn’t work with Ares.

In conclusion: This particular game doesn’t like accuracy for some reason.

Anyway, thanks for solving this mystery for me.