Works now on Windows at least.

woop woop

I’ll be pushing it up to the Phoenix updater tomorrow.

Awesome, time for some Knuckles Chaotix :slight_smile:

Awesome work!


I built a picodrive dll just a minute ago after reading this and realizing it now works in windows. I see that it is not yet in phoenix so this might be useful for someone. Enjoy.

It’s up on Phoenix now. Initial impressions of Chaotix:

Sound is harsh compared to Genesis Plus GX or Kega Fusion. It lacks some of the sound filtering those two provide. It doesn’t scale to 4:3 properly; it leaves black bars on the top and bottom. It also seems to run choppier visually than GPGX even though my frame counter stayed at 60 and there was no sound crackling.

Picodrive is a speed focused emulator though, so I can’t say I expected it to be as accurate as Fusion.

Game Gear games works only in mono sound. No stereo sound. PicoDrive the emulator does not emulate gg stereo sound?