Pitfall - a5200 core

Pitfall doesn’t start with the a5200 core in Retroarch. Pushing the start button does nothing. The other games start no problem. Is this a bug with the core?

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I just tried here and seem to have the same issue as well. Also noticed Q-Bert starts but I could not get him to move once the game starts, and Quest for Quintana Roo is another one I could not start the game. Other games work fine. So my guess is yes this does seem like a bug or core-specific issue.

I would open an issue on the github repo, but it doesn’t look like the a5200 repo allows issues at the moment.

Wanted to post an update - seems there is a version of the Pitfall rom called “Classics Fix” that can be found and that version does seem to work.

The MD5 of the working version is 2be3529c33fdf6b76fa7528ba43cdd7f for your reference.

Same issue here. Pitfall loads but the start button does nothing.