Planned Integration (Citra/MelonDS)


I’m a bit ignorant about how the various cores get into RetroArch. But, I was curious if there is a list of planned updates to existing cores? Specifically, the Citra and MelonDS cores? It appears that the MelonDS core is only one revision behind so, maybe, my question is geared more towards Citra which appears to be out of date with the current builds.

Also, out of curiosity, is it up to the RetroArch team to integrate these different emulators or do the emulator creators do something so that their emulators work with RetroArch or some combination thereof?

The reason I’m asking is that I’m putting together a box to run Nintendo dual screen handhelds on a vertical-oriented monitor. I can run both Citra and MelonDS stand-alone versions just fine. However, when I’m playing from the couch it is really nice to have a single integrated UI like RetroArch to make things like saving and configuration easier with with a controller.

At any rate, thanks for reading my ignorant ramblings. If anyone has any information they can provide or point me to, I’d appreciate it!


It varies from core to core. MelonDS and Citra, however, are both handled in-house rather than upstream.

Citra is actually very close to upstream. It’s only 27 commits behind:

Maybe it hasn’t built successfully for your platform since it was updated, though. What device/OS are you using?

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@hunterk Thanks for the reply!

I’m using Windows.

Ok, seems to be building. Make sure you’re using plain ol’ Citra ( and not “Citra2018”.

As a general rule for libretro cores, ones without any years after them are up-to-date (or as close to it as possible), while the ones with years after them are snapshots from that time, typically made because something changed (big updates to the core, upstream changes that negatively affect performance, changes to supported ROMsets, etc.)

Thanks for checking on that for me.

I just downloaded the latest RetroArch and downloaded the latest Citra core and things seem to be working better. It seems something was corrupted or I had a setting someplace that Citra didn’t like.

Strange. I’m glad I got it sorted out. Appreciate the insight!

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