Play! PS2 tips?

So Play! is obviously pretty early early days, but I’m eager to play-around with it in RetroArch. I’m noticing though that I’m getting 0-3 FPS when I load compatible games up in it however. So I’m wondering if there are any certain video drivers or other settings that I should use for this core while it’s still in it’s infancy.

Right now I run on GL_Core, I’m using 640x480 resolution, and It’s so slow I can’t even get to the game menu.

The other question I have is about the BIOS. I understand that Play! is HLE, and doesn’t ‘require’ the PS2 BIOS because it does it’s own thing. This is really cool from a technical standpoint, but as a result you don’t get the timeless blue-fog / memory-tower boot sequence followed by the vonk sound and “PlayStation 2” before a game loads.

I know that the core is based on upstream, but the site is pretty barebones. I’m wondering if there’s a place to request/feedback/sugguest support for such a feature. If you’ve seen me on the forums, you know how big I am on BIOS Boot screens <3 After all, imagine if you didn’t get the fade-in diamond sequence while playing PSX games :wink: It’s just a sweet part of the experience.

Anyway, I’ll shut up now. Thanks for reading.