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How to start PlayChoice 10 games in mame core and enlarge the game screen to full size ?

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If you use the new layout feature and gl driver. Use a MAME layout that defines the screen sizes, similar to the NDS hybrid mode.

Otherwise you can use the Mega Bezel shader and the dual screen parameters.

I am AFK but I can do a quick and dirty Play choice 10 graphic when I return, if you want some bling.

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This is done via the internal MAME menu, press the tab key, select Video Options.


I will try it thank you

You’re welcome Mega Bezel shader This does not work on my phone How to I use MAME layout feature Sorry, I’m a beginner and the language barrier sometimes frustrates me

There is a thread about the layout feature here.

I do have a very old set of playchoice layouts in my “Misc-Overlays-Borders-Bezels” repo, here. (In the “MAME layouts” folder.)

They are simple but already set up for all the games.

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I appreciate your help

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