Please show off what crt shaders can do!

Thank you for this link! It covered a lot of what I figured out after a lot of trial and error and them some. It could have saved me a lot of time had I known about it :joy:

I’m still thinking about the 2 pixel wide triad, but if anything, I wanted to mention that my shader also has an option to invert the triads (BGR) which doesn’t increase the dpi, obviously, but this configuration packs the phosphors tighter and leaves GBRG free between the triads to better simulate the vertical section of the slot mask :blush:


Looking forward to your update, always has cool additions!

Hopefully when you finish your update you’ll post here with your changes. (Sorta like a changelog, lol.)

I decided the shader still needs work and made a few changes. How does this look for faint scanlines? I’m not quite satisfied but there’s only so much one can do at 1366x768, sadly.

Photo of the screen for comparison. I don’t know if that will help :slight_smile:

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I implemented some changes which were discussed in this thread. The most prominent ones are

  • mask 7 can now be adjusted with bright pixels
  • mask 5, 6 and 7 edge application is now different (kurozumi presed looks better now for example)
  • slotmask size is now implemented to support 4k
  • scanline saturation param added for scanlines type 1 and 2
  • some additional tweaks

I’ll post a crt-guest-dr-venom-kurozumi screenie, masks look better now:


yeah, 720p is tough. There just aren’t enough pixels to work with. That looks good, though, especially the photo :slight_smile:

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Yeah, this looks pretty good for 720p - scanlines are still really hard to detect at all, though. Might bump up the strength just a tad.

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Where can I find this preset? Looks great.

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It’s in the ‘presets’ folder of the slang shaders. Ofc. you can tweak it a bit. :smiley:



You might also want to consider integer scaling and setting up a custom AR for better scaling of mask/scanline effects.


Tweaking settings is mandatory if you want the best results, IMO. So many settings are display-dependent; the presets should just be used as a good place to start.


Could you please explain what a custom AR is? :confused:

Custom aspect ratio, I think…


Put an additional couple of hours into refactoring and rewriting some stuff. Like this then? (+ bonus screenshot for fun)


The scanlines are much better now.

The colors are interesting in the first shot, looks nice imo. (Are you using you color settings in the shader to adjust them, or is it that how the normally looks? Haven’t played much of Mario Bros. 3, lol.)

The b/w screen is cool as well.

Looking forward to your updates!

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Wonderful :black_heart:

Seriously @guest.r, that is perfect to my eyes. 9.9/10. Not a ten because I prefer a slightly cooler and less saturated look.


Yes it’s using the built-in saturation setting to boost colors, the second is also doing that but I set it to 0 :slight_smile: also thank you so much!

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Fantastic results, Herr Braun!

And @Doriphor, your shader/settings started dark and dull, but it’s becoming better and better. You are in the right place, keep going forward :slight_smile:


When you say ntsc-svideo 3 passes are you referring to actual passes or the the 3phase version of the s-video shader?

If 3 passes what passes are you using?

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By the way, usually when I say “cooler and less saturated”, this is what I mean. First image uncorrected (i.e. default fba output), second is. I recently got myself a 1440p monitor. I will keep playing at 720p on it for reasons already stated, but I must say RA looks glorious in such hi-res.

Oh and these are my current (likely definitive?) 720p-reshade-crt aperture settings for standalone emulators and games. They are resolution-agnostic, which while being very convenient for stuff like MAME, means that scanlines won’t be proportional to pixels sometimes. Other than that, what do you think, my knowledgeable friends?


Thank you! Yeah I figured if I’m gonna talk about something I’m making, I might as well try to make it appealing to the audience :slight_smile: … speaking of which, I haven’t done a PS1 game screenshot yet!