Please show off what crt shaders can do!

Nice! The Mario shot really proves that games developed for composite/RF should be played on composite/RF.


“Consumer” + composite direct FBx palette:

“NTSC” + composite direct FBx palette:

“RGB” + CXA2025AS palette:


Ok, I have a problem with composite Genesis, everything I try just doesn’t convince me, in terms of saturation, definition, brigthness, and no matters how much I tinker with it.

So, here’s the poor man’s solution: guest’s advanced HD, internal resolution set to 1,40. Does it blend? Kind of. But everything else is satisfying.


Some new presets I’ve been cooking up in the CyberLab.

Right click on the image, click Open in New Tab then press F11 for Fullscreen for 4K users. Zoom in until it looks right for 1440p or 1080p users.

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The following screenshot is from an custom made multipass shader preset compiled from different *.slang shaders .

The shader i wos fond of, is called “4xbr-hybrid-crt” … But i had to tweak that shader furhter because of scanline problems not evenly spreaded in fullscreen !!

So i figured out i needed additional Scale shaders to work in combination with the 4xbr-hybrid-crt shader to fix that issues.

And the shader looks very good in 2d & 3d psx games aswell :smiley: :ok_hand:
This is my final result (fullscreen hotshot :star_struck:) ↓

Only, the shader preset looks very coyote ugly and PIXELATED when using internal resolution 2x and up !!


Could some one recommend an shader producing similar results that works with upscaled internal resolutions mayhap :crossed_fingers: :pleading_face:?

I await your answer…

Cheers, Td

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I’m almost certain that HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader can do all of that and much more.

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Thanks for the info. Dis duck sure will have an look :eyes: :ok_hand:

Edit: Currently trying out pre-configured shaders, and i don’t like the bezels arround my game screen !! Not 1 bit :pleading_face:

much obliged,


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Hey, i have tried out some of the pre-configured presets, and i dont like the bezels…!! Is there an easy way to turn of bezels in RA with an flip of an switch ?

Update : i have browsed through a few “mega bezel” presets , but didn’t find anything remotely close to the preset shader i have put together :neutral_face: ! Litle contrast (dull image), not sharp… etc… and the bezels arround it i don’t like for one bit !!

I’ll stick to my presets atm…

thanks anyway…


Best way on that would probably use the 'NO REFLECT" versions, and then go into shader parameters and set the opacity on both “BEZEL GENERAL” and “FRAME GENERAL” sections to 0

Figured as much… i thought it would’nt be that easy as to flip an switch to get rid of bezels :smirk: Yes, fortunately RA makes it possible to use different shaders in multipass mode to freely chose the graphics you want :smiley: :ok_hand:

Only problem i have now, is that i only can use my favorite shader config in pSX native resolution :pleading_face:

And no other shader (that works with 2x internal res !!) i have tried comes even close to the graphics i wish … (See my uploaded images…)


You can use the presets listed here:


There are also Screen Only base presets in this folder:


Screen Only means no bezel.

They’re intended to be customized.

There are a couple shader preset packs which contain pre-customized presets for example my CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack and Zomb’s Shader Preset Pack.

Good things come to those who don’t give up so easily…

NeoFuuma’s advice would more apply if you’re using presets from my pack for example which all include the bezel and you wanted to disable the bezel in those. If you’re starting from scratch you can start with one of the Mega Bezel screen only presets.

It’s actually easier than that. Just use the screen only Mega Bezel Presets and you won’t have to turn off or flip off anything.

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See, I always forget about those, lol.

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It’s not that i want to give up… But, i already have put together an good looking shader… I wos just searching for an way to keep the peach graphics at internal 2x resolution !!

And guess what, no matter wich shader i choose… My preset or one from the super mega ultra bezel pack :smile: … AS soon i use and turn the internal resolution to 2X and upwards in beetle core … Bam, PIXELS as huge as rocks all over my screen :smile: :-1: !!

It’s not that iam an quiter, but it will be just an waste of time … !! Since, no shader seems to work with 2x native resoltions or more ! Pity, cuze internal upscaled resolutions looks very nice on 3D games :kissing_closed_eyes:

WEll, i didn’t find such an paramater called exactly like you described after loading the “no-refelect” variants !!??

Or do you mean, i have to edit the slangp files in notepad and look it up in there ?

uhuh, done that… now i have NO more bezels YAY :smiley: :ok_hand: … But i do NOW have THICK FAT COYOTE UGLY BLACK BORDERS at both sides of my screen :laughing: :-1:

But hey thanks anyway for spending time to help me, don’t get me wrong… :woozy_face:

yall have my … GRATITUDE :pray:

cheers TD unlimited

This entire exchange saddens me a little because I know that everything that you asked for can be accomplished if only you had the will and the patience, not that much either. Every new tool has a learning curve.

I just have to accept that this world is full of all types of personalities.

I mean you no offence just expressing how this exchange has made me feel. I know you haven’t been disrespectful and I hope you don’t feel disrespected.

You’re welcome.

Just thought I’d chime in. Here is a shot of the Mega Bezel, almost no “Ugly” Bezel, no “Ugly” black borders. I am using the default Mega Bezel screen shader settings on Beetle PSX HW and the built-in XBR filter, 4x internal resolution.

This Bezel configuration will be one of three included optional “Global” configurations in my new preset release.

This one is the Mega Bezel base I am using to render the Batocera “HUD” overlays that are used for standalone emulators.


I didn’t say Bezels are “Ugly”… GRANTED , Duck did indeed mentioned… ↓ :point_down: :laughing:

Black borders make duck → Bah :face_vomiting: … all over the place. Very messy, you don’t want that … oh nose… :wink:

Haven’t bought an 250 inch widescreen tv to have it cropped to 7 inch handheld console by ugly black borders or “gorgeous” bezels you know :woozy_face: … if you catch my drift … ?

Question @duinamite, the picture posted with that gorgeous / breath taking bezel arround the image cropping my precious game to the size of mushroom :smirk:.

Is that the output result of the ps native res X2 or more, set in the core video settings ?
I mean, are we talking about the internal upscale done by shader or both shader & beetle you know?

If so, and that pic is taken while running psx beetle at native x2 or higher … duck is sold … :kissing_closed_eyes:

That ↑ combined with some nice thin scanlines in the pictar.
Only then, the bezels sure might look a weebit more appealing to dis duck :grin: :ok_hand:

I have all the patience in the world, if you can “accomplishe” that… hunnbun… :wink: If you could achieve that wich iam just would die for, you would be my next SUPER HERO :superhero:

cheers, TD

Cropping yes… to the native aspect of the PSX… so your circles are round and your squares are square. :grin:

As I mentioned, I am using Beetle PSX HW which has a built in XBR filter. It not only works at increased internal resolution, (I am using 4x.) but it kind of requires it.

Since the filter is built into the core, you can use whichever CRT shader you find that you like.

Keep in mind that sometimes eagerness will cause you to rush past, overlook, and miss many benefits.

We retro gamers have no deadline… we have all the time we need. :innocent:

Here is a similar shot using no shader… the filter is built in to the core.

Core provided aspect ratio…

Full screen if you prefer…

Using the crt-hyllian-3d.slangp shader…

Full screen.

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Now you’re being disrespectful and a bit inappropriate. As @Duimon tried to hint to you in an earlier post take it down a notch or two or three.

My game “FULLSCREEN” Or AR: 16/9 (AR 4:3 = Native AR PSX → 99% games on psx → AR 16:9 = … ) wich is pretty much fullscreen aswell on an widescreen monitor produce pretty much nice round finishing touch arround the edges too i’d say :point_up: :smiley: :ok_hand:.

Don’t you think ?

Have you taken an look at that gorgeous pictar i have posted from my best shader-crater setting eva in men existence :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ?

You absolute sure about that ? Are you not refering to shader settings ? Cuz, anything higher than ps natives 1x res in beetle cause massive pixels !!

Also, you have showed me an picture from a FRESH new game alundra (right from the START!)… What i mean is, at that point right there you don’t see it yet… BUT BE AWARE … BE VERY AWARE :flushed: … That is if you tend to playthrough the game :laughing:

Cuz you see, this game has graphical issues in beetleHW fyi…

Like not just glitches that pop up every hour or so and dissappear…

NO, INGAME you frequently get an thick vertical black line glitch to see next your character while battling foe’s :sweat_smile: … And no it’s NOT, i repeat … IT’s NOT your side kick magical wand you get to see :joy:

This black line ↓ :thinking: … but in the picture it doesn’t look near as bad as when you play it at 60fps !!! Because whats even wurse, is that the glitch fades in and out / flashes continuously !!! Very annoying while battle some thing or some one :crazy_face:

And NO, no Fix currently … Only beetleSW …

Hence, iam on beetleSW, cuz iam luv to play the game through without distractions :innocent:

True … but also … Luck Favors The Bold And The Beautifull :dancer:

Cheers, TD

…wel damn… when i try out my own shader preset on beetleHW, the gpu glitch doesn"t appear… Yet, same core revision, disabled my shader , same renderer, same overal settings… Using the same charachters equipment ingam… the glitch just doesn"t appear anymore :flushed: ??

Rare GPU glitch / Bug, in beetleHW ?!? Duck doesn’t know for certain … :astonished:

Well the GOOD part about this ↑, iam back to my good OL beetleHW → Juiced :laughing: :ok_hand: Graphics in BeetleHW looks an TAD MORE better than in BeetleSW… i’d (duck) say…