Please show off what crt shaders can do!

2023 - The year of the Shadow Mask

Tap on image then zoom in for best viewing. Desktop users, right click then Open in New Tab, then press F11 for FullScreen. Non 4K users, zoom in until it looks correct.

CyberLab_Turbo_Duo_Shadow_Mask_IV_OLED_II_for_CyberLab_Blargg_Video_Filter.slangp + Blargg_NTSC_Turbo_Duo_SNES_S-Video_CyberLab_Special_Edition.filt

CyberLab_Turbo_Duo_Shadow_Mask_IV_OLED_II_for_CyberLab_Blargg_Video_Filter.slangp + Blargg_NTSC_Turbo_Duo_SNES_Composite_CyberLab_Special_Edition_II.filt



Hi @DariusG , first of all thanks for sharing your CRT-Consumer shader settings, they are great, I just tweaked the Glow and the color temperature a little for personal taste. but everything is really nice and light. Since I just wanted to go deeper into the masks topic, and I saw that there are 8 choices, could you tell me what they specifically refer to. Thank you so much again for your work, I’m really appreciating it.

0 cgwg, 1 lottes 1, 2 lottes 2, 3 gray-white stripes, 4 cgwg as slot mask, 5 and 6 iirc is for 1440p slot masks, 7 is cyan magenta yellow for extra brightness, 8 is another slot mask


What a huge difference it makes to adjust the gamma curve, I’m impressed with how good everything looks. Probably going to call it and say this is my final release.

Download here:


Personally, I’m finding this mask to be pretty harsh on the eyes. This reminds me of the 5" CRT that Jamirus posted a photo of not too long ago. Would be nice to have an option for a more typical shadow mask. Most of these were fine-pitch, since shadow mask was typically only used in computer monitors.

These look absolutely gorgeous to me on a 55" from 8ft to 10ft away! It’s actually the type of look I’ve been searching for since I had to give up the original Death To Pixels for Analog Shader Pack 3.0 cgp preset.

These aren’t intended to resemble a 90’s or 00’s high res computer monitor.

My inspiration for this is more of an old Zenith “Boob Tube” Shadow Mask. If you look at most of my presets they’re around the 300TVL mark.

Based on user feedback as well as an effort to match certain reference material, I created a new folder for those who prefer a less harsh flavour which I dubbed Le’Sarsh_4K_Optimized.

With that said, my inspiration for this particular set of Shadow Mask Presets originated out of a sort of challenge, which you can read about here.

Lastly, my presets are not designed to match any particular reference CRT verbatim. Instead I just make them to match whatever imaginary TV models I have in my head or in other words, I’m just manipulating the pixels to get the games to look the way I like in a fun and relaxing manner with no pressure whatsoever.

Yeah, you’ve done a good job of emulating the General Electric TV. Personally I don’t find that to be a pleasant image at all, but to each their own of course.

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I’m not sure if it’s just about differences in personal preference of a particular type of image you know.

It might be possible that the type of image I might be seeing at a lower TVL on much larger and higher resolution screen might be similar to what you see on a smaller, lower resolution screen, using higher TVL presets at a much closer viewing distance.

With that said, I’ve tried my 1080p_Optimized aperture grill presets (Mask 6, Size 1) on a 40" 1080p TV and absolutely adore them and I have also tried my 4K_Optimized Presets on a 28" 4K monitor and found the translation to the higher PPI to be quite exceptional.

This Shadow Mask thing is a new frontier for me and I’m just getting my feet wet so at some point I might get around to making optimized presets for lower resolutions, which is actually the same as making higher TVL, less harsh presets for higher resolutions.

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A carefully adjusted preset for all around

shaders = "1"
shader0 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/crt-consumer.slang"
filter_linear0 = "true"
wrap_mode0 = "clamp_to_border"
mipmap_input0 = "false"
alias0 = ""
float_framebuffer0 = "false"
srgb_framebuffer0 = "false"
blurx = "0.800000"
warpx = "0.020000"
smoothness = "200.000000"
scanlow = "4.000000"
scanhigh = "6.000000"
beamlow = "1.500000"
beamhigh = "1.249999"
brightboost1 = "1.500000"
MaskDark = "0.200000"
glow = "0.070000"
Size = "1.499999"
sat = "1.150000"
contrast = "1.149998"
nois = "8.000000"
WP = "-25.000000"
inter = "0.000000"
vpower = "0.120000"

Great work ! Thanks !

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A kurozumi-like preset for guest-advanced:


Hello @DariusG , I would like to ask you a favor : do you have a configuration optimized for 1080p of your “gdv-mini” to use it to the maximum ? Heartfelt thanks for the help

I use this

shaders = "1"
shader0 = "shaders_slang/crt/shaders/crt-gdv-mini.slang"
filter_linear0 = "true"
wrap_mode0 = "clamp_to_border"
mipmap_input0 = "false"
alias0 = ""
float_framebuffer0 = "true"
srgb_framebuffer0 = "false"
brightboost = "1.599999"
sat = "1.200000"
scanline = "10.000000"
beam_min = "1.300000"
beam_max = "2.400000"
h_sharp = "2.499999"
shadowMask = "10.000000"
mcut = "0.400000"
maskDark = "0.700000"
CGWG = "0.600000"
warpX = "0.030000"
warpY = "0.040000"
vignette = "1.000000"

Thank you very much, very kind, I’ll try it right away!


Have you hard-coded a particular color temperature?

Here’s raw

Here’s your preset


No as far as I know lol. The way mask works affects colors a bit. But you get a somehow convincing effect in return.

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Yeah I’d just like to get the colors a bit closer to source, no big deal though. I’m interested in trying that mask but I can’t seem to find it. Is it unique to GDV-mini?


Yes it is, tried to simulate a Commodore 1084s based on actual monitor screenshots resized with gimp and reduced to 1080p size. There is another interesting thing in gdv mini, brightboost works differently from other shaders, the more bright a color is the more brightboost it will get so you won’t see e.g. two colors 0.95 and 1.0 to become the same hehe. That gives a natural sense of “glow” without spending gpu cycles on another function inside shader :wink:


@guest.r Can DariusG’s mask be added to guest-dr-venom? Or is there a configuration that can replicate it?

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I need to make a new release to change the slotmask size functionality into more ‘versatile’ slotmask thickness. Then you could play a bit with masks 8 or 9.

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