Polygon artifacts with n64 emulator using parallel plugin on libretro

I am having trouble with polygons drawing incorrectly. On Mario’s feet there are dark polgons drawn around the edges. In the golf game there are overlapping polgons. It looks like a z-sorting issue. I don’t see any options to address this issue in retroarch or in the parallel plugin options.

I can’t find anyone having this problem. I have tinkered with settings and gone back to defaults with no success. Any ideas?

I think some amount of Z-fighting is inevitable with increased internal res, as the precision just isn’t there in the original data.


I believe you are correct, someone in a different forum just showed me some screenshots. https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/387678/how-do-i-fix-these-polygon-artifacts-in-a-nintendo-64-emulator-using-the-paralle

Apparently Parallel is legit and these artifacts that I am seeing are not glitches and are in fact very authentic :slight_smile:

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Yeah, probably one of those things the N64 hides with its low resolution on a CRT. Like the low poly Mario who appears when the camera gets s bit away from him.

I fired up Mario 64 on my real hardware with a big screen and s-video connection and those artifacts are present. I can’t unsee it now :*( but the parallel emulation is working great then! I was mistaken.

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Thanks for the hardware comparison confirmation! That sort of information is very valuable :slight_smile: