Possible bug with Blargg's filters in the snes9x core


There seems to be a bug with snes9x and blargg’s filter. When games use the snes’s 512x224 hi-res mode, such as Squaresoft games like Secret of Mana and Rudora no Hihou, the screen goes completely black. Those games use the hi-res mode to display text such as in menus, so you can check it pretty quickly by starting a new game.

Can anyone replicate this? or am i doing something stupid.


Are you using the core option or the one in settings > video > video filter?

Yeah sorry - i’m using the built in one in the core settings + Windows 7, openGL video driver etc. It happens with and without shaders enabled.

try disabling that one and use the video filter one instead, if you don’t mind. I think it has code to specifically handle high-res stuff.

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I tried the ones in the Settings > Video > Video Filter > list. They do display the screen but it is horizontally squished to 1/2 the size that is should be.



Yeah I’m getting exactly the same issue with Doom in bsnes, I opened an issue with it here https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch/issues/12231

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