Possible performace

IF the original xbox running retroarch , how thinks core can run?

very few. it’s not a good experience due to being very weak.

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really? but what about the gamecube and ps2 , the original xbox is not more powerful then that 2 console?

by the way can you help with this please

they’re all in the same rough ballpark, along with psp and o3DS. They’re all fine if you’re prepared for the limitations but there’s a very limited core selection as a result.

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I see and understand I used retroarch in my old 3ds and know how exactly is it

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Not quite, the PS2 punched above it’s weight and it’s custom architecture had a lot of tricks, some ports like MGS2 struggled on the Xbox and didn’t have the same particle effects etc. Nevermind the masterpiece that is SotC. Likewise with the Gamecube, Factor 5 and Rare made that thing sing. All in all, they were all very much 6th generation and comparable in terms of the quality of the games.